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Meaningful Gifts for your on Valentine's Day

Meaningful Gifts You Can Give Yourself this Valentine’s Day

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

It’s 2022, and this should be our mantra: “Self-love is not selfish.” How are you supposed to love another person or expect another person to love you if you can not even love the way you are? Self-love doesn’t mean saying me me me all the time, nor does it mean being a self-obsessive person. It means you accept yourself with all your flaws, shortcomings, mistakes. You love yourself and take proper care of your body, mind, and soul.

And it brings me to this article today: 5 meaningful gifts you can give yourself this Valentine’s Day. No matter what you pick, always accompany your valentines gift with a bouquet of the freshest bloom. It is never too late to get flowers when you can buy flowers online.

Meaningful Gifts for Valentine’s Day:

A spa day for relaxation:

Depending on your budget, you can invest in a full spa day or an at-home session. Think of it as a special gift to yourself. Go for the full facial, massage, manicure, pedicure route. Call your loved one, best friend, sister, mom, or simply enjoy your own company with some pampering and relaxation if you are doing it at home. We love to be spoiled sometimes, and there is nothing to be guilty about. Enjoy the spa day, relax and focus on your happiness.

Here are some products to elevate to an at-home spa day:

Self-care/ beauty product that gives you joy:

Have you noticed sometimes a simple $10 lipstick of your favorite shade can give you joy? I love lipsticks, and I have more than 100 in my collection, but still, whenever I get a new lipstick, it makes me happy as a child. It can be something different for you like a new eyeliner, a perfume, an eyeshadow palette, or a new body wash…. whichever you like- go for it. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune; drugstores have many affordable and suitable options!

Personally, I love to invest in perfumes. They just lift up the mood and makes my day feeling and smelling luxurious! Here are some I like:

An accessory you can wear without any occasion:

After my emergency surgery last July, I have realized one thing. I should NOT wait for an occasion to dress up or wear my favorite accessories. We are living, we have survived another day- and this is an occasion to celebrate. I used to keep my favorite pieces of jewelry or outfit saved for something special. But currently, I wear them whenever I want or feel comfortable.

For example, this beautiful birthflower pendant with birth charm is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry from Sachele Collective, and I wear it all the time. It has a beautiful flower drawn by a Canadian watercolor botanical artist on a dainty gold pendant necklace. There is a small birthstone charm that goes with this. My birth month is October, so Opal is my birthstone. I adore this necklace, and since last December, I have been wearing it. It’s delicate yet creates a statement. It feels like a part of a body now. I am in love!

Exploring a new craft/hobby you have never tried:

Often local small businesses offer workshops or classes for yoga, meditation, crafts like pottery, flower arrangement or painting, cooking, or baking. Look for workshops like these and try something that is “speaking” to you. If you can not find a workshop, try reading a crafting book or following a tutorial. Our goal is to pamper our soul, and it thrives on exploring arts and crafts. So spend an afternoon trying these out, and if you like it, you have found a new hobby!

Try Audible membership here and open new possibilities!

A lunch/dinner date with yourself:

Spend some time dating yourself. Have a lunch or dinner with your favorite food or drink and enjoy those without counting the calories or feeling remorseful. Read your favorite book or listen to music. The goal is to stop scrolling on your phone and relish the moment. Even if you can spare 30 minutes, that’s all you need to feel refreshed and happy. For my single ladies out there, here’s How to Make the Best of Valentine’s Day as a Single.

Giving something meaningful to yourself may or may not involve retail therapy. It depends on you and what makes you happy. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to enjoy the moment and truly invest in your happiness.

Meaningful Gifts for your on Valentine's Day

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