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Sifa’s Corner crosses 11 years!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Happy Birthday to Sifa’s Corner…..and me! Though I am not disclosing my age, my little blog is 11 years old this month! In blog-years, that’s middle-aged 🙂

I have seen countless blogs that started back in 2010 evolve into a huge brand or simply drop out from the internet. Many OG bloggers have become entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, writers, established YouTubers, celebrities, and more!

Ever since my first ever online post on this blog, I have felt solace and euphoric excitement whenever I write a new blog post. Though I do not feel the same heartbeat rise when I post new content nowadays, I still feel a particular closeness when someone reaches out to me, asking about something or looking for my advice.

Sifa’s Corner has always been a supportive platform to the audience. I have placed all of your needs before thinking about any financial gain. I have loved, lost, hit rock bottom, then climbed back up, but I have never abandoned this blog. I have shared my life as much as possible without hurting any privacy. I have shared my joy, my pain, and my thoughts. However, I have achieved some of the earlier articles. Due to their topics (most of those were highly depressing, had triggers, and do not go with the vibe of this whole website now, so I have achieved those).

Running this blog entirely on my own with my chronic illness has been an enormous challenge, but it didn’t stop me. One of the reasons for that is the love and support I got from you all!

The blog has been awarded top style blog in North Dakota, top motherhood blog, top chronic illness blog. I have also had the opportunity to get interviewed by some of the top publications (here, here)

Maybe I can write another blog post just like this in its 20th year?! Who knows!

I do not plan to stop writing my blog unless I face something unavoidable and unfortunate.

Do I have big plans to make it into something bigger and better? Of course!

Do I have a timeline to actualize the said plans? Not yet.

But hey, slow and steady wins the race!

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Stay healthy, Stay Beautiful!

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