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At home Skincare Facial Tips

At-Home Skincare and Facial Tips from Expert Sabrina Bradley

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Last year, the beauty industry saw a huge uptick in the skincare market. So if you are keener to skincare nowadays, you are not alone. I used more skin and hair care products and was happy to say “hit pans” for many items. This year, the skincare surge can still be seen, and I reached out to holistic skincare expert Sabrina Bradley to talk about skincare and facial.

Sabrina will share her at-home skincare and facial tips and how you can improve your routine in this post-pandemic time.

At-Home Skincare and Facial Tips:

The pandemic has changed the way we look at our skincare. Since last year, skincare has been the top concern and it has even surpassed makeup. What are your thoughts on that?  

Sabrina: To be honest, skincare has always been part of my life.  For all these years, I’ve preached your face is everything; you can’t hide from it. It would blow my mind how some people just never focused on it. Then the pandemic hit, and everyone started to experience stress, loss, and anxiety, which started causing breakouts. A lot of people were stuck in the house, and months in realized their skin was being neglected. I think the pandemic forced people to pay attention to their skin because they were also wearing less makeup, staying inside more, and realized they had more time to focus on it. Many also realized they have to take care of it now because there is only so much you can cover up. Our skin is the foundation, and makeup only enhances our features.  It has positively helped me, and sometimes it’s overwhelming, but in a good way.

How can we do a complete facial routine at home without breaking the bank? 

Sabrina: For home care, I say leave the extractions to a professional. You can start with a relaxing setting, candles, and even music. These things are important to activate and release tension. When performing my facials on clients, the goal for me is boosting the immunity of the skin circulation, stimulating and rejuvenating.  I also believe in simplicity. Having key ingredients that will make a difference in the skin is crucial. 

  • 1) I like to use a Gel Cleanser. It’s universal for all skin types & you can add an oil cleanse if needed
  • 2) Exfoliating the skin removal of dead skin cells
  • 3) Tone or Essence to prep the skin for the next step and balance the pH
  • 4) Mask I like to triple Mask, Clay, Gel & Sheet Mask
  • 5) Treat with Focus Serums
  • 6) Moisturizer
  • 7) SPF if it’s still daylight / if you’re going to sleep; no SPF required.

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What are your best tips for doing an at-home facial? What tools or products do we need?

Cryo Globes Sabrina

Sabrina: My California Cyro Globes are a must-have better than a Jade Roller soothing and relaxing. This will push your products deep into your skin, and they feel amazing. All my products I make. But again, key active ingredients so the goal such as antioxidants & hydrating ingredients.

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Last but not least, share your 5 most loved skincare products with us. 

  • 1. Of Course, My Traffic Stopper. My Traffic Stopper It’s a serum that feels like a moisturizer and has great anti-aging benefits. The Glow Results speak for themselves.
  • 2. My Skin Solution Mist 
  • 3. Green Youth Mask 
  • 4. HyaluronicSheet Mask 
  • 5. Glow Magic Serum. These are all available on my website. SkinBySabrina.com.

Watch how you can make your dry skin moisturized and plump in this dry skincare tutorial.

Thank you for sharing your valuable at-home skincare and facial tips, Sabrina!

skin by sabrina

About Sabrina Bradley:

Sabrina Bradley is a unique, holistic skincare expert with 20 plus years of hands-on experience. She incorporates ancient skincare practices with today’s new-age technology. Her knowledge about skincare comes with years of passion, starting back in her teenage years. She learned about ingredients and used chemistry as therapy. Sabrina was born premature and addicted to drugs like both of her biological parents. She spent time in foster care before she was adopted. After Sabrina moved to Los Angeles with her young son a few years ago, she experienced homelessness for a short time while dealing with his mental health issues and building her business from the ground up. She eventually overcame all of those challenges and created her own successful business, Skin by Sabrina. 

Sabrina is “Top-Rated ‘ throughout Los Angeles and is known as a true hidden gem to the City.  Her ultimate goal is to educate the importance of maintaining a healthy daily skincare routine between professional treatments as a lifestyle. Instagram: @SabrinaTODAY.

At home Skincare Facial Tips

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