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Gift Guide for Chronically Ill Moms

What to Gift Chronically Ill Moms? Here’s a Guide to Get You Started

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

A gift should be thoughtful and, of course, useful. For those of us who are chronically ill, we will prefer a heating pad more than a yoga mat. It can be hard to choose something if you do not know what to look for! Today’s article can be your guide on what to gift Chronically Ill moms. They will surely love these!

After posting my Work from Home Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2021 article, I thought what can be useful and unique to the readers of Sifa’s Corner. I didn’t have to think very hard to realize that a gift guide for a chronically ill mom is the most appropriate (and, needless to say, helpful) guide for practically any special day of the year.
Without further ado, let’s dive deep!

Top Gifts for Chronically Ill Moms:

For Relaxation:

Adjustable Contour Pillow:

Moms have a lot to juggle and that can be pretty tiring! A restorative night’s rest is the best gift of all. SpineAlign pillow promotes healthy alignment and better sleep with the patented and only fully adjustable design. Produced and tested by an in-house Chiropractor, the SpineAlign pillow is a proven method of achieving better head and neck alignment for better sleep and support. Winner of 2020 Best Adjustable pillow by Tuck.com.

Heated Blankets:

For the moms with chronic pain, heated blankets feel amazing after a long day or during a flare up. Here are some of the best ones:

Foot Massager:

There’s something about a good foot massage everyone can enjoy, specially the chronically ill mothers. Check out the followings:

Neck & Back massager:

I got one 7 years ago and it helped me a lot with my back and neck pain. Here are some great options I found:

For Personal Care:

Spa Sets:

What’s better than taking a day (or 1-2 hours) off? Taking a spa-day. Indulge the mother in your life with bath/body/spa sets and some alone time to truly enjoy herself!

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BathTub Accessories:

To make her spa experience more effective add the bathtub accessories to your gift list:

For Making Life Easier:

Food Chopper:

Cutting or chopping food has been a struggle for me as it exaggerate my shoulder and arm pain, so I have invested in a food chopper and it has made my cooking time easy for the health.

Slow Cooker/Instant Pot:

These babies are amazing gifts for a chronically ill mom. She will definitely thank you for it.

Air Fryer:

For the same reason above, this is another great gift. You will just need to mix everything, set the timer and voila. Yummy food is done!

Meal Prep Sets:

Meal prepping is a smart and efficient choice for a chronically ill person. And here are some good products to use for the process:

Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

A vacuum cleaner that can clean your house without your bodily movement! Do I need to say more? Save some money and invest in one!

Secured Mailbox:

Ask me how many times I had to get up during a bad flare-up to pick up my mails from the generic mailbox.
Install these secured mailboxes and let the moms pick up the mails at their own pace.

Security Doorbell:

This is a great gift for the same reason mentioned above, try these out!

Do you have something useful to gift Chronically Ill moms? Share your idea with us!

Gift Guide for Chronically Ill Moms

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