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Curly Hair Essential Gadget Amazon

My Top Curly Hair Essential Gadgets from Amazon

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Happy March, curl friends! If you are a regular follower of my Instagram account, you must have seen my everyday stories regarding curly hair. It’s been a yearlong journey to embrace and enhance my naturally curly hair completely. It took a lot of trial and error to make an effective routine and discover products that are working for my curly hair. If you are also on your natural hair journey, you are in luck, because today I am listing down my top curly hair essential gadgets from Amazon. These are some of the basic gadgets that you will be needing to maintain your curly hairstyle. I have also listed the specific products I have used and products which have top reviews on Amazon.

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Curly Hair Essential Gadget Amazon

Curly Hair Essential Gadgets from Amazon :

Hair Spray Bottle:

It sounds like a redundancy, but hear me out. You can not (& should not) wash curly hair every day. Our curls need moisture and the normal oil that is produced naturally. So in those days when you are not washing your hair, you need a spray bottle with water to revive your curls (and reactivate the products you have used before).

Bonus tip: Mix some conditioner (regular or leave-in) with the water in your spray bottle. Spray on your curly hair, saturate the hair well, scrunch and diffuse it and voila!

Scalp Massager:

A scalp massager feels absolutely amazing, specially when I am using it on my scalp with shampoo on my hair. I generally apply shampoo as usual and then very gently massage my scalp with this device. You can definitely use your fingers, but I feel like I scratch my scalp a bit aggressively when I am using my fingernails. The scalp massager is more gentle than fingernails for sure. Choose a massager that has silicone bristles like the ones below.

Wet Brush:

This is a brush that you can use on your super-duper wet hair tp detangle then without tugging or pulling them. They get rid of the tangles pretty easily and also easy to clean. There are many varieties on the market, you can choose one from below.

Denman Brush:

A Denman brush, or Denman brush lookalike is not a detangling brush. For curly hair, this kind of brushes should be used only to style the hair. After you have washed your hair and applied the curl cream or gel, very gently use this brush from top to bottom to distribute the products well. After you are done, shake your head from left to right gently to loosen up the hair. Let it dry and defined curls will form automatically.


When it comes to hair drying, a diffuser is a must-have for curly hair. The grasp a diffuser creates with the prongs will help the curls to form beautifully without destroying the natural pattern. I use Black Orchid hair diffuser whenever I dry my hair. Other great options are listed below.

Hair Dryer:

A hairdryer is a great tool to dry the curls easily. You can definitely go for the air-dry route but I have found air drying takes too much time and I get a headache when I am sitting with damp cold hair for a long time. I like to use Conair Infiniti Pro with my Black Orchid diffuser. You have to buy them separately. Another great option is the Iconic Hair Blow Dryer. It looks like Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, costs less & works well.

Micro Fibre Towels:

Again, a microfibre towel for hair is not a luxury, a necessity, if you want to reduce hair breakage and frizz. There are many affordable options on Amazon (some of them are listed below). Depending on your choice, you can go for a regular shaped towel or a hair turban towel. I prefer the turban style as it stays in head without sliding off.

Silk Cap:

A silk cap protects your curls when you are sleeping or just working at home. It protects from the friction caused by sleeping, from everyday work, harsh weather. I wore smaller silk caps user my winter caps some days when the weather in Fargo was freezing. I use the Ms. Remi Deluxe jumbo cap every night to protect my hair. It’s really big & roomy, doesn’t cause pressure on the curls and stays on the whole night without sliding off.

Silk Pillow Case:

If you wear a silk cap while sleeping, you can skip the silk pillowcase. A silk pillowcase is gentler to your skin and your hair. It causes less friction and you will not get the weird pillow lines on your face in the morning. Here are some of the top-selling silk pillowcases on Amazon:

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If you want to see more products I recommend for curly hair, check out my Curly Hair Store on Amazon.

Curly Hair Essential Gadget Amazon

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