Home Products Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HIM….which he will love to show off!
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for HIM

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HIM….which he will love to show off!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

This year I have decided to publish the gift guide list for HIM first. Why? Because I have found that I am often confused when I try to pick something for my husband. Don’t get me wrong….. I can shop pretty effectively. But when it comes to my husband, I struggle.

My husband is a pretty understanding and low-maintenance man, and he has the great quality to find happiness even in the cheapest present but when I want to give him something I would like it to be special, within my budget and resonating with his persona.

So I scoured the internet and made the following list of skincare, haircare, electronics, drinks, clothing items and accessories in various price ranges. Browse Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and shop for your loved one!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for HIM

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HIM:

Skin and Hair Care:

Trust me when I say this, my husband is worse than my daughter in skin and hair care and that’s saying something because my daughter is only 4. Most of the time he will forget about a simple moisturizer or sunscreen and I have to constantly remind him about it. If your significant other is just like that, or even a hair & skin care enthusiast, he will love the gifts from this list. From hair grooming products to skincare essentials, I have featured them all below:


By clothing items, I mean premium quality leather jacket, belt or hat that he can wear over and over again. I believe it’s better to invest in a quality piece that will retain the quality in the long run. Here are some options:

Drinkware/ Beverageware:

Coffee makers, travel mugs, drink glasses are also excellent choices. These are something he can use almost every day.


Sky is the limit (or your wallet) when you want to choose a gift from the Electronics sector for him. Every man has his own vice in electronics, so find out what your man likes and go for it.


Depending on how your man likes to accessorize, you can choose your gift. Watches are something 90% men wear. So watches are kind of safe bet if your significant one doesn’t like to accessorize. Premium quality headphones are another great option. You can also check: My Top Perfume Gift Ideas for Him from Kohl’s.

Here are 100 products you can choose from. Happy shopping!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for HIM

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