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Easy Manicure Ideas for Valentine's Day

7 Super Easy Manicure Ideas for Valentine’s Day Anyone Can Follow

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

My manicure game is not up to the mark, at all. Because A. my fingers tremble and B. I feel lazy to do a nail-art. Which is why I always look for the easiest manicure ideas I can find. I think many of you have similar dilemmas regarding manicure. If you fall under the beginner category in manicure, today’s article is just for you. I have compiled a list of 7 Super Easy Manicure Ideas for Valentine’s Day anyone can follow.

Easy Manicure Ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Idea 1: Add Heart:

As cliche as it sounds, adding a tiny heart on your regular manicure looks really cute. You can use contrasting colors so that the heart stands out. Light pink and red, Red and white, Black and white, black and red- these are some adorable options. Here are some beautiful pink nail polishes:

heart manicure ideas

Idea 2: Polka Dots :

It may look a bit tricky for the beginner, but it’s extremely easy and you will not need any special tools. Just grab a toothpick or the pointy side of an Orange Stick and keep on dotting. This neat manicure also looks good in contrasting colors. My favorite combinations are neutral with gold or black (pictured below).

polka dot manicure ideas

Idea 3: Glitter & Stone Accents :

This manicure will need a little bit more supplies than the previous 2 mentioned. You will nail art stones, glitter polish, and clear polish. Do you regular manicure in any color you want then let it dry. Add the stones on an accent finger (left image) or both stone and glitters (right image). Here are some great products you can start with:

glitter stone accent manicure ideas

Idea 4: Glitters :

Glitter is not only for children! If you haven’t heard yet, glitter nails ar IN. Grown women look equally pretty in strategically placed glitter. Choose an accent finger (many chooses the ring finger), and add glitter polish in that finger. Paint the rest of your fingers in solid colors. Add 2-3 coats to make the glitters stand out. I have seen 𝙏𝙤𝙢 𝘽𝙖𝙘𝙝𝙞𝙠 doing glitter nails on Selena Gomez recently. Absolutely loved how her nails are looking.

glitter manicure ideas

Idea 5: Solid Color :

Not a fan of adding glitters or stones? Stick to a solid color then. I do not thing solid color is boring, rather if done properly, it gives a solid yet timeless look. As the weather is pretty cold here in Midwest, you can wear blue (left picture) or a rose-pink or red to maintain the Valentine’s Day theme. Have other colors you love? Go wear it, girl!

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Manicure Ideas for Valentine's Day

Idea 6: Ombre :

If you are confused by the sea of nail colors, try going ombre. Choose 5 colors in the same color family. Going from light to dark- add the colors gradually in 5 fingers like the picture below. Pretty and effective, right?

ombre Manicure for Valentine's Day

Idea 7: Au Naturale :

If you are a bit natural-lover like me, go for a clear polish. I absolutely love how the nails look after a coat of clear polish. Specially if you maintain your cuticles and your nails are already properly shaped- the clear polish adds to the sophistication that you already have. Add some rings and you are good!

natural nail manicure

Are you going to try these super cute and super easy manicure ideas for this Valentine’s Day? Tag me on my Instagram (@sifascorner) and share your look with me!

Easy Manicure Ideas for Valentine's Day

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