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Why Should you Skip a Full Beauty Routine In the Morning

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Do a Full Beauty Routine in the Morning

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

As cliché as it sounds, life is crazy unpredictable—full of ups and downs and a few twists and turns along the way, especially with a full-time job and a family. With everything happening simultaneously around us, getting lost in a vacuum is easy. Which is why we could all use some structure—a morning routine that actually works. 

Morning routines are helpful, as they set your mind up for the day ahead, lay your mood, and increase productivity. If you are not maintaining a routine, chances are you’ll have to work through life’s chaos way before your day even starts. No one wants to start their day wasting away energy on unnecessary stress and avoidable problems before they even get past their front doors. 

Whatever your morning routine is, a part of it likely has something to do with your skincare routine, which is understandable, since all of us need to safeguard ourselves before heading out. It is also likely that some keep a multi-step method mainly because it is what works for them, despite eating a lot of time in the morning. 

For morning larks, rolling out of bed early and getting on with the day can be a little bit easier, but for night owls, mornings can be an exhausting daily struggle. If you are one of the many night owls who are productive in the evening but struggle to function like a normal human being in the morning, establishing and sticking to a routine may be the solution. 

Because each person is different, what your morning routine is like will be entirely up to you. However, in figuring out the optimal regimen for yourself, it is important to note that keeping it short and efficient is key. As morning rituals set the tone for the day, sometimes it’s better to stay away from painstaking, time-consuming routines.

Why Should you Skip a Full Beauty Routine In the Morning

Here’s a list of reasons why you should not do a full beauty routine in the morning:

Reduce stress and keep your blood pressure down

Doing a whole morning routine takes time and effort. You should start organizing and reprioritizing your life. Map out a definitive plan by defining the goals you want to achieve in the morning. Make a checklist of the things that matter to you the most—by keeping things simple and committing to it, you can manage and save time.

Save your energy

If you are like most people, a part of your morning routine probably involves repeatedly hitting the snooze button on your alarm. You no longer have to stress about getting up too early with a quick and efficient morning routine in place.  Rather, you can skip the fuss and stick to your skincare essentials—sleep in for a couple more minutes and save a ton of energy that you would otherwise spend on laborious rituals. 

Here are some great skincare options for your morning routine:

Beat the morning rush

Traffic jams are the worst. For many people, their daily commute makes or breaks their day. By getting out of your house and into your car as early as possible, you can undoubtedly beat the rush hour traffic on your way to work or school. 

Instead of spending time applying multiple products, look for multitaskers that can achieve several of the results you’re looking for in one go. Think facial mists that refresh and calm skin, or creams that hydrate and protect you from the sun.

Here are some makeup products which will make you getting ready in the morning feel like a breeze:

Create a positive mindset

Instead of focusing on doing a full routine like a 10-step morning beauty regimen, why not simply let the sunshine in. By embracing the warmth of the sun, chances are you’ll wake up on the right side of the bed and start your morning right. In starting your morning this way, you can create a positive mindset, improve your mood, and set the tone right for the rest of the day. 

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Carve out some time to relax

With a full-time job, sometimes it’s hard to fit relaxation into your schedule. However, without the hassle of a full beauty regimen in the morning, you can actually have some time to relax and squeeze in a quick workout—like heading out for a short run or doing a bit of yoga.  You can also spend your morning relaxing on your front porch with a cup of coffee in hand, having breakfast, reading a book, or simply preparing for the day ahead. 

Here are our top beauty picks for relaxation and pamper time:

Consistency Is Key

Planning a routine is one thing, but it’s another to commit to it. In developing a new habit, like a simple morning routine you can stick to, you’ll likely to see results faster, compared to when adopting a complicated beauty regimen you can’t consistently keep up with on the daily. 

Although 10-step routines have gained a steady stream of enthusiasts, it’s not an ideal choice in the morning. Alternatively, you can try a simple morning skincare routine with just three steps to pare things down. 

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What’s your go-to product for morning routine? Share with us!

Why Should you Skip a Full Beauty Routine In the Morning
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