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holiday party host makeup tips

7 quick beauty steps to follow when you are the host of a party

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Holiday Party Host Makeup Tips


When you’re throwing a party, of course, there will be a lot of work to do before the actual party happens, starting from the booze, snacks, music, and decorations. With all of that in mind, it’s understandable you’ll neglect yourself a bit, and everybody wants to look amazing if they are hosting a party. But don’t worry, you can do a couple of these quick steps and still manage to shine before the guests start arriving. Here are the holiday party host makeup tips. Enjoy!

holiday party host makeup tips

1. Make concealer work for you

You may think that the most important part of your makeup is amazing eyeshadow or bold lips, but you’re wrong! Most women neglect concealer when wanting to skip to the finishing part. The truth is concealer is your best friend and you should pay more attention when applying it. The thing with parties is that you want to look radiant and fresh even after a couple of hours of dancing. That’s where your concealer will make the difference. Concealer will even your skin tone and prevent dark circles from appearing long after midnight is gone. Apply it after you put the foundation and use a lighter shade.

holiday party host makeup tips

2. Amazing brows

If you’re lucky to have strong brows, you can try different things. You could try taming them at a brow bar the day before the party. Just before the party, use a brow gel to brush your brows – you will definitely raise some eyebrows because you’ll look great.

holiday party host makeup tips

3. Deal with excess shine

Everybody is aiming at shiny skin but it doesn’t mean oily skin looks cool. T-zone poses a problem for many women, so if you didn’t have the time to deal with it during the day, don’t bother removing your makeup in the evening. Use a quick fix – paper napkins are just as good as blotting paper for removing the excess shine.

holiday party host makeup tips

4. A simple but cool hairstyle

Maybe you didn’t have enough to pay your hairdresser a visit before the party. Not to worry – a tousled, teased ponytail is a quick and cool solution. Just put it low and make it lose – you don’t need a strict structure for a party.

If you’re aiming at a bolder and unexpected statement (and you’re having a bad hair day!), wrap your hair up in a patterned scarf and be done within a matter of seconds.

If you want to add a touch of decadence to the party, go for gold hair ornaments – even if your hair is messy, a gold barrette, a brooch or a metallic golden headband will make it look chic.

holiday party host makeup tips

5. Fierce eyes

It’s all about the eyes! If you have to choose just one feature to focus on, it would probably be your eyes. So, the secret is to find the right palette for you – colors that highlight your eyes and make them shiny. Three shades are all you need to make it happen. And, of course, complete the fierce look with cherry blossom lashes to amaze anybody you set your eyes on! It’s better than wasting time on applying the mascara and mess it all up minutes before the guests arrive.

holiday party host makeup tips

6. There’s always time for an eyeliner

Even if you’re in a real hurry before the party starts, don’t think you’ll have to skip applying the eyeliner. You can simply apply it to the edges of your eyes to get the cat eye look or you can apply it on the edge of the eyelash curler. When you curl the eyelashes, you’ll also apply the eyeliner! Just don’t rush or you’ll poke yourself in the eye!

holiday party host makeup tips

7. Glitter is a must

This is the quickest way to look fabulous and ready for some serious partying. Don’t douse yourself in it – use a lip gloss with glitters in it. Then dab your finger in a glitter pot and apply it on your lips. Your lips will be extra pursed. If you prefer glittery eyes, then use sparkly eyeshadow for your eyelids. Don’t forget to apply some warm shade before you put the sparkle.

holiday party host makeup tips

In a nutshell…

The host of a party has to look amazing. Maybe it seems difficult to achieve with all the things that need to be done but it’s achievable. A few simple beauty tricks like these – and you’re ready for a great night without feeling you’re not looking as great as you could!

Here is a makeup tutorial to inspire your holiday look.


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holiday party host makeup tips holiday party host makeup tips


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