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Shaving for Women

The truth behind shaving for women

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

The Truths and Lies about Shaving for Women


Facial or body hair is one of the troubles for women. Most of us wonder about the positive and negative sides of shaving for women and try many methods & gadgets to get rid of the pesky hair problem. Which is why today we will reveal these hair shaving myths and truths in this post.

Shaving for Women

MYTH 1: Hair grows faster, thicker, darker after shaving


The research has shown that Asian hair grows the fastest while African hair grows the slowest. The average hair growth rate of Asian was nearly 6 inches per year while African hair grew 4 inches per year.

But the myth amongst most of the women is that hair grows slightly faster after shaving. It is just a misconception among them.

The growth rate of the hair totally depends upon your skin. And the rate of growing hair before and after shaving is constant. It doesn’t really make your hair grow thicker and darker. It seems like it is due to the blunt end.  However, in the meantime when it grows out, it comes to its normal shape. Check the research conducted by the Biologist Kurt Stenn.


MYTH 2: Skin becomes Dark and patchy


Another myth is the skin tone change.  What most women think is that their skin turns dark and patchy after shaving.  But the reality is that your skin becomes softer and shiny after shaving.

The shaving takes off the topmost cell layer of your skin which includes dead and poor skin cells. Eventually, new cell surface the top of your skin. As a result, the skin becomes brighter and softer after shaving. You can realize this is why men look younger as they grow older. 

Shaving for Women

MYTH 3: You will grow a beard


Shaving a face doesn’t grow a beard. I repeat, Shaving a face doesn’t grow a beard. It is one of the biggest myth women believe in.

Due to this myth, women are afraid to shave. They feel better not to shave and have hair in their face. Trust me you will get a better facial skin after shaving. Growing a Beard after shaving is just a silly myth.


MYTH 4: Ingrown hair


This is kind of true. Ingrown hair is one of the major problems for black men. However, there is a slight occurrence of ingrown hair in women too. To resolve ingrown hair, you must use a good shaver.  A Good shaver is the one that provides close and smooth shave.

Tips to resolve ingrown hair

  • Exfoliate your skin
  • Use shaving cream
  • Use sharp Blade

Shaving for Women

Some quick Tips For Shaving


1. Use Oil before shaving


You can use oil before shaving. It makes your hair softer and eases the process of shaving. Thus, the chance of nicks is minimized. You can gently apply the oil all over your face. Hold your razor at 45 degrees and take a little stroke. Eventually, glide your razor in up and down motion into your skin.

Benefits of using oil- 

  • Reduce razor bumps
  • Prevent cut
  • Hydrate your skin

In the case of sensitive skin, it is recommended to use shaving cream. Only the oil might not be effective in that skin. If your skin is very tough, you may skip shaving cream. Gently wash your face, pat it dry and shave it.


2. Use the Best Shaver


The nicks and cuts depend upon the shaver or razor. Hence, if you choose the good shaver, it can be minimized. I recommend you to use the shaver for women. You can check out the good electric shaver for women

Features of Good Electric Shaver-

  • Better Grip
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Trim your hair rather than plucking it
  • Enhanced battery

Shaving for Women

3. Don’t shave over acne


If you are suffering from acne, don’t shave over that part. Leave it! While you shave over your acne, you might get the bacterial infection. Additionally, your razor might get damaged due to blood and skin.

Shaving for Women

4. Right away don’t put any treatments


If you have noticed, when you put any treatments right after shaving, it burns your skin. Thus, it is wise to make it soothe itself. After 5 minutes, you can put moisturizer or any aftershave cream.


5. Rinse your shaver with alcohol


Finally, rinse your shaver with alcohol. It prevents infection in the next shave. Additionally, it makes your shaver long lasting. 


We hope you have found the tips and insights helpful. Leave a comment to share your experience below!

Shaving for Women


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Shaving for Women

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