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5 Ways I Update My Beauty Room for Spring

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lysol®, Finish®, Woolite®, and Air Wick®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Hello Readers! Hope you are enjoying the cold yet sunny spring!

I am loving the energy and the urge to go outside (which eventually fades away after the the burst of cold air on the face). Though it is still not ideal to open the doors and windows here in Fargo, I like to prepare my beauty room for spring and update it a bit.

I am not talking about my whole apartment, just the room I like to call my “Office”. Those who work from home will understand how messy it can be sometimes. It’s imperative to set up a room or a space just for your work purposes.

My office room is my sanctuary and a place for creativity. In a perfect world, I like to keep it tidy, colorful and full of inspiration. But that’s not the case. Most of the time it’s full of boxes and PR packages and the tables are full of pending or ongoing works.

Which is why I wanted to give it “OOMPH” and clean up the messes. Target is my favorite place to buy cleaning products for these purposes, and right now they have great deals on Air Wick, Woolite, Finish and Lysol products. I have added the deals at the end of the post. So keep on reading.

Here are 5 steps I am following for the project:

Spring Cleaning

Out with the (C)old:

As I come from Bangladesh, a country of subtropical monsoon climate, the adjustment to Fargo winter was quite difficult. In the winter times, all I can think of is draping 2 blankets on me all day and curling up on the couch. So as the warmer weather is coming up, I am happy to chuck in the heavy sweaters, coats and scarfs and bring out the light clothing items. I like to clean up the winter clothing with Woolite before storing those away. I just feel like it is more sanitary.

winter clothes

Bring it on…..with colors:

I like to keep colorful, bright and happy stuff in my workplace. It gives me motivation. You don’t need fancy products to prettify your working space. You can choose flowers (real or artificial), pictures of your loved ones or anything colorful that you love.

lipstick holder

Everything has its place:

I find it easier if I store items by type, e.g. lip products go to one drawer, face products go to another. Say, I am storing the cheek products. I will categorize the blush into one drawer, highlighter into another one and contour products into a different one. In the blush drawer, I will divide the products based on their formulation i.e. liquid, cream & powder. Same goes to the highlighter and contour drawer. I understand everyone will not have the same collection, but I am a beauty blogger and this is my profession. It’s just like filing papers in proper files and cabinets but with makeup products.

To know about more tips for organizing your beauty room, read Beauty Room Q&A: Advice From The Experts.

makeup blush organization

Clean it up:

Along with all the organizing, I like to *deep* clean the tools AKA the makeup brushes and applicators. I spot clean these after every use but for proper cleaning I need to get my hands dirty (and sore). I also like to clean the containers of my brushes and rest of the furnitures with Lysol & Finish.


Look nice, Smell nicer:

After all the cleaning and organizing, only one thing is left and that is making the room smell nice and revitalizing the space. I love tropical or fresh floral smells and I like fragrances that linger. Which is why I have to mention Air Wick products. Whether you choose the Life Scents room mist, which has a fast-acting and constantly changing fragrance, or the Scented Oil warmer, which has 8x more fragrance control and works for any space, your room will be left smelling amazing for a long time! The Air Wick Scented Oil Warmer can last up to 45 days per refill, based on the low setting!

spring flower sunflower

Those who like to save (who doesn’t?!), by using the Target Cartwheel app/website from 4/2 – 4/29, you can save 5% off any Air Wick Freshmatic item here.

And 10% off any Air Wick Scented Oils here.

Also if you buy 3, 5-count Air Wick Scented oils, you will get a free gadget (available 4/9- 4/15)

To get more Cartwheel offers and promotional deals on spring cleaning products, visit this link.

You can apply these quick tips to spice up any space of your house. Cheers to spring, when we can make our home look and smell beautiful!

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