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My Top 5 Essentials for Travelling

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

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Per usual, all opinions are my own.**



Hello lovely readers!


2016 is almost to the end. I feel like this year has passed really quickly! It may be because this has been one of the busiest years and I had to make a lot of adjustments in my life.

Anyway, to those who are travelling this holiday,or in the near future, today’s article is just what you need! As I am travelling to Bangladesh this month, I thought, why not share my 5 essentials for a trip?!


So let’s get started!


Before starting any trip, I will squeeze in a quick cold shower. It refreshes my whole body and I feel like I am prepared for my journey. To ensure I stay fresh for my entire journey, I use Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant.


  • What I like most about this product is how effective it is. When I apply it, it goes on dry instantly leaving no sticky or wet feeling whatsoever!
  • It leaves no visible residue.
  • It takes care of the underarm odor and keeps me sweat free for 48 hours.
  • It also cares for my skin with its ¼ moisturizing formula.
  • I don’t know if you have faced this but when I have used other long-wearing antiperspirant, like roll-ons or gels, it felt yucky and I used to get breakouts around the underarm area but this has never happened with Dove Dry Spray.


  • It feels gentle on my skin and doesn’t give any kind of powdery or a fake mask-like feeling.
  • It comes in 8 different smells, from original clean spray to soothing chamomile spray. So you can choose any one according to your choice! I am showing here 2 of my most favorite ones: Beauty Finish and Nourished Finish.


  • It retails for $5-$6 and can be found on Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Amazon.




  • Get a small bag and keep your necessary documents, passports, IDs into that. In this way you will have all your essential documents in one place.
  • Please don’t forget your charger. You can also get battery charger cases or external battery packs for your trip. It will save a lot of time and hassle.



It’s always good to be prepared, so bring some medicine like mild pain killers, heartburn relievers, antiseptic wipes, cough drops and band aids.


So did you think I would forgo makeup stuffs? No way!

As a beauty blogger, most of the time I face dilemma in what to pack for makeup and what not, because I want to bring most of my stuffs, and I have a lot of makeup products! So after some trial and error, here’s what I have summed up:

  • A neutral makeup palette. Like Lorac Pro Palette
  • A multi purpose face makeup product like Make Up For Ever stick foundation.
  • A powder.
  • Mascara
  • Cheek & Lip tint.
  • Lip balm.



  • Wear something comfortable and bring a fresh pair of socks, underwear and t-shirt.
  • Also as it’s getting really cold now, check how the weather is going to be like when and where you will be travelling and bring warmer clothes accordingly.

Last but not the least….. bring some snacks and water!


I could have made the list a bit longer and included more stuffs but I am learning to be an excellent traveller and compact my luggage with effective & multi purpose products. If you have any more tips to add, please feel free to share it in the comment box.

Have a safe trip!

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