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Celebrating Wedding Anniversary with Anjolee Diamond Jewelry

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

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December is one of the most important months of my life. It’s my wedding anniversary month and this year we will be celebrating 3 years of married life. Honoring this month, today I am going to share with all of you about Anjolee Diamond Jewelry. I have recently discovered about this brand & their service and if you are planning for a new piece of jewelry, then keep on reading!


Story of Anjolee:

Founding in 1960, Anjolee stands out for it’s excellent quality and customer service. In their own words;

“Each of our diamond jewelry pieces may be customized using the latest technology, with a wide array of options easily accessible on our website. Every single Anjolee jewelry piece is made-to-order, personalized to the customer’s exact preferences under the expert guidance of our specialists.”

My Thoughts about Jewelry:

  • In my opinion some, not all, pieces of jewelry should have a special story behind. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive to be so, just something with a story to remember by. When Anjolee approached me to review them, this is the exact thought I had in mind.
  • To be able to choose and customize a piece of jewelry is a lucrative option for those who want uniqueness in their personal choices. Through Anjolee, you can modify the metal type, carat weight, gemstone, diamond quality and also add engraving.
  • With the purchase, you will get Anjolee’s certificate of authenticity, free shipping, 100% refunds, 30 day return policy, free returns and warranty.


Why I chose what I chose:

My actual wedding ring is a blue tanzanite encircled by diamonds. So I wanted to choose something that is simple, I can wear in everyday basis, is not blue and yet has a touch of color. So I chose this 3 stone princess gemstone ring.


To clarify, the ring Anjolee provided me with is a replica and for the design, I’ve chosen silver with Garnet in the center and Cubic zirconia for the 2 sides. Here is the result.


What I think about my Anjolee Ring:

The ring came in a polished smooth dark brownish-red box. When I opened the box, it was a nice surprise to get the ring “lighted up”. The ring fits and looks perfect. I have been wearing it everyday and I love how it looks on my finger.

anjolee-diamond-jewelry15 anjolee-diamond-jewelry14 anjolee-diamond-jewelry16 anjolee-diamond-jewelry9 anjolee-diamond-jewelry11 anjolee-diamond-jewelry3 anjolee-diamond-jewelry2

In A Nutshell:

Overall, I am happy with Anjolee quality and customer service. It’s definitely worth having a look at!

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