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Review & Swatch: FERAL Ultra Smooth Lipsticks

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

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Hello there!

Nowadays everyone is crazy about super matte lips, right? I like matte lips too as they are mostly transfer proof. But I also love satin and creamy lipsticks. So that’s why I was pretty excited to try out the new Feral Ultra Smooth Lipsticks.
Today you will see the swatches and my review for these.

Let’s begin!



Feral Cosmetics is a fairly new company which was established in 2016. They promise to offer new and fresh products in the beauty industry.

We believe in empowering one another and supporting our community. Keeping our environment in mind, we have created our brand from cruelty free and vegan ingredients.

At Feral Cosmetics, we believe that each individual should feel and look how they love themselves. While some want to feel free and sexy, others want to look and feel bold, beautiful, and young.

Hence, our products are designed keeping diversity in mind. Feral colors vary from light angelic corals to dark toxic purples. We hope to inspire and further enhance your beauty with our one of a kind product.


The lipsticks retail for $18 each and can be found online here.



For now, the brand has launched 4 shades of lipsticks. These are called:

♦ Envy,

♦ Euphoric,

♦ Fetish &

♦ Rapture

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  • The lipsticks come in sleek  aluminum case.
  • The case has magnetic closure.
  • The case is lightweight but it doesn’t give a “cheap” plastic-y feeling.
  • Each packet of the lipstick has its respective color on the end so it’s easier to sort out the products, without going through the names.


Envy is a true red which, fortunately, didn’t make my teeth look more yellow. This is my 2nd favorite color from the 4.



Euphoric is mixture of a hint of bubblegum pink and lavender, in my opinion. It’s definitely not my color, but I was surprised at how smoothly the formula glided on. Generally when I try on light colored lip products, most of the time those turn out to be patchy. But this was not the case for Euphoric.



Fetish is the love child of neon pink and coral. It just screams Summer! But hey, If you can pull off a bright neon pink in the colder months, go ahead!



Rapture is a rich deep burgundy red with a hint of plum. Needless to say this color, along with a winged liner, will give you a polished classic look. This is my most favorite color from the bunch.


Here are the side by side swatches of the colors:


Under studio lights with flash


  • Rich opaque colors.
  • Glides on like a dream! It has one of the smoothest formulas I have ever tried.
  • Lightweight, good for carrying around in a purse.
  • It feels very comfortable on lips and also leaves the lips moisturized.
  • After the color fades, it leaves  a pretty stain.
  • These are free from any animal derived ingredients and the company does not test on animals.


  • Shade range limited.
  • Not transfer proof.
  • Not super long-lasting, like those matte liquid lipsticks we all are raving about. Without eating oily food, it lasted for 6-8 hours with signs of slight fading on the inside of my lips.


Personally I really liked the formula and the overall product quality of these lipsticks. Two thumbs up!

Keep up the good work Feral Cosmetics!!


What type of finish do you like in a lipstick? Share with us!

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