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by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


COLOR SPOTLIGHT is a monthly series on Sifa’s Corner. Every month I show 10 or more products featuring one specific color or products in the same color family. The color I chose for SEPTEMBER is ORANGE!


First let me tell you what I can see whenever look outside from my patio. Various shades of Orange……bright orange, burnt orange, orange with red undertone, orange with green tint.

Orange may be more appropriate for Summer, but the abandonment of this color inspired me to pick it for September.

I have chosen 21 products to feature today. Don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us which one was your favorite!


21 shades of ORANGE:

  • NYX Dark Circle concealer- Orange pigment
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills- Coral Reef
  • Maybelline- Fierce & Tangy
  • MAC pigment- Copper Sparkle
  • Stila magnificent metal eyes- Comex Copper
  • Colourpop super shock shadow- Sunnies
  • Ardency Inn- Tangerine
  • Makeup Geek- Chickadee
  • Makeup Forever- S742
  • Sleek- Siren
  • Milani- Orange-Gina
  • YSL rouge volupte- 15 Extreme Coral
  • Dose of Colors- Karma
  • NYX butter gloss Peach Cobbler
  • MAC Lasting Sensation
  • LA Girl- Nectar
  • Milani- Corallina
  • Laura Geller- Cantaloupe
  • Inglot blush- 49
  • Chaos high lightning- Fawn
  • Tory Burch bronzer & blush- Divine 01

1 9 7 10


NYX Dark Circle concealer-

Orange pigment:

Suffering from dark undereye circles? Then you have to try out this concealer! It’s creamy, blends really well and neutralizes the dark circles.

Price: $5.99 ||  Found here

13 40


Anastasia Beverly Hills- Coral Reef:

This is a waterproof cream product…and once it’s set- you have to use a good makeup remover to remove it. Wanna see the other colors from Anastasia Beverly Hills waterproof creme color collection? Check out my previous article.

Price: $18 ||  Found here

Maybelline color tattoo- Fierce & Tangy:

This is another cream product which you can use as eyeshadow base, eye shadow and/or liner. To see the other colors from Maybelline, check out my previous article.

Price: $6.99 ||  Found here

14 41



MAC pigment- Copper Sparkle:

This pigment is named perfectly- It’s coppery, sparkly……and it can spice up your eye makeup with the help of an eye primer.

Price: $22 ||  Found here



Stila magnificent metal eyes-

Comex Copper:

Stila magnificent metal eyes products are hybrid between loose pigment and pressed pigment. It comes with a liquid primer which you are supposed to mix with the pigment and make a “paste”. This product works better if used with fingers. You will need a very little amount on top of your base eyeshadow to make it pop.

Price: $32 ||  Found here

16 44


Colourpop super shock shadow- Sunnies:

This super affordable pigmented shadow also works best if you apply it with your fingers.

Price: $5 ||  Found here

17 45


Ardency Inn eyeshadow- Tangerine:

This eyeshadow works best with a primer. It’s really smooth and blends like a charm.

Price: $21 ||  Found here

18 46


Makeup Geek eyeshadow- Chickadee:

This light shade of brownish orange works as a transition color on my eye lids. The formula is easy to work with and blends really well.

Price: $6 ||  Found here

19 47


Makeup Forever- S742:

This color is sold as a blush color, but you can also use it on your eyes. It’s super pigmented- with or without primer….and if you use it as a blush, you will need the tiniest amount.

Price: $21 ||  Found here

20 48


Sleek lip 4 lipstick palette- Siren:

The main catch of Sleek Lip 4 Lipstick Palette is that you can try out 4 different colors of the same color family in a single palette. These 4 colors have 4 different formulas. You may face a little trouble with the matte formula, but if you scrub and moisturize your lips well before application, it will help.

Price: $13.49 ||  Found here

23 24

TOP- Under sunlight BOTTOM- Studio light

TOP- Under sunlight
BOTTOM- Studio light


Milani lipstick- Orange-Gina:

With a pleasant fruity smell, Milani lipsticks offer a great formula and variety of colors.

Price: $5.99 ||  Found here


YSL rouge volupte- 15 Extreme Coral:

Leaning towards the pricier side, this YSL lipstick is really pigmented and at the same time, moisturizing.

Price: $36 ||  Found here

Dose of Colors- Karma:

Another really pigmented product. This shade is more onto the coral side.

Price: $16 ||  Found here

NYX butter gloss Peach Cobbler:

If you are not comfortable with the pigmented lipsticks, then try out this more wearable version of orangey-pink NYX butter gloss.

Price: $4.99 ||  Found here

21 26

TOP- Under sunlight BOTTOM- Studio light

TOP- Under sunlight
BOTTOM- Studio light


MAC Lasting Sensation:

This lip pencil is more on the pink side with a hint of orange, a great color for Summer.

Price: $16.50 ||  Found here

LA Girl- Nectar:

This affordable orange-red lip liner offers great staying power and color payoff.

Price: $5 ||  Found here





Milani baked blush- Corallina:

This baked blush is a mix of orange, orangey-pink and subtle shimmer. But the shimmers are more like a sheen and do not appear chunky.

Price: $8.49 ||  Found here

29 30 55


Laura Geller baked gelato swirl blush-


This light peach blush is a delight to look at! It translates as light warm pink with a hint of peach on my skin.

Price: $26 ||  Found here

32 33 56


Inglot blush- 49:

This blush is the lightest shade of orange which is really wearable on tanned brown skin.

Price: $11 ||  Found here

34 57


Chaos high lightning powder- Fawn:

This orangey-bronze highlighting powder can be used for multi purpose. Just use it with a primer and the possibilities are endless.

Price: $23 (complete set) ||  Found here

35 58


Tory Burch bronzer & blush- Divine 01:

I chose this little palette for today’s list only for its beautiful packaging. It has a bronzer, highlighter and blush within it. Separately these colors do not show up on my NC 35 skin very well. But mixed together, it gives a hint of color. It will work better on fairer skin.

Price: $48 ||  Found here

36 37 39

TOP- Under sunlight BOTTOM- Studio light

TOP- Under sunlight

BOTTOM- Studio light


So did you like my picks for September? Which product you liked most?
Let me know in the comment section! 


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Linda Kinsman October 13, 2015 - 11:19 am

I’d wear the copper and bronzer, but I tend to shy away from orange on my lips. This is a great color collection for tanner ladies than myself. 🙂

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan October 13, 2015 - 1:18 pm

I agree Linda… orange is a little bit tricky to pull off 🙂

Susan October 13, 2015 - 10:02 am

What beautiful fall-like colors! I would like to try several of these products.

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan October 13, 2015 - 1:18 pm

I am glad that you liked my picks Susan 🙂

tara pittman October 12, 2015 - 2:47 pm

I never though of orange. I might use it on my lips.

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan October 13, 2015 - 1:19 pm

Or under the eyes… it works as wonder to hide our dark circles Tara 🙂


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