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IPSY Glam Bag- APRIL 2015

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


Hello readers!

Today’s article is of my last month’s IPSY glam bag. I loved April’s IPSY products, almost every one of those. So without further ado, let’s see inside the bag.

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The bag contained:

1. Pandora’s Blush

2. Essence lash princess volume mascara

3. Goat’s Milk day cream

4. the Balm Nude Dude

5. Jor’el Parker Parfume


1. Pandora’s Blush:

The shade is called “Pink Carnation”. It’s a neutral, slight dusty pink which will flatter many skin tones.

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2. Essence lash princess volume mascara:

Apart from the very cute packaging, the one other things that caught my eyes is the special “Cobra brush”. The brush separates and coats each individual lash.

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3. Goat’s Milk day cream:

This thick white cream is for dry & wrinkle prone skin. Recently I am becoming very choosy on what I am putting on my face, so I used this cream on my hands. My hands and fingers tend to be dry so it worked perfectly for me.


4. the Balm Nude Dude:

Balm eyeshadows are pretty good. This particular shade is called “Fit”. It’s a medium bronze with silvery finish.

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5. Jor’el Parker Parfume:

I am very sensitive about perfumes. I can’t tolerate over the top, strong smell. I prefer mild floral, fruity or fresh scents. This 0.3 fl oz rollerball perfume passed my standards and I am happy to say that I loved the scent! It’s great to carry in your purse and the floral smell is perfect for Spring.




If you want to subscribe to the monthly IPSY glam bag service for $10 per month, visit here.

Have you used your April glam bag? Share your thoughts below!


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