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Blog Anniversary, Birthday and Life

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan



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OCTOBER is my most favorite month (apart from December, January & May 😛 )
Why, so you ask?

Because this is my birth month…..and I also started my blog this month on 2010.

Today is my birthday, to be very precise, and I like to think that today is the anniversary of my blog too! (Though it started on 18th October,2010!)

No I didn’t go out wearing a fancy dress or face full of makeup. So I don’t have any pretty picture of mine to show you all.
What I did was very, very ordinary….almost boring!

I was feeling under the weather so I stayed at-home, cooked biriyani (A South Asian food- Rice cooked with spices, beef and potato), cut cake, talked with my family back in Bangladesh and celebrated the whole day with my husband.

BUT the day couldn’t be any more perfect for me!

Anyway, let’s talk about more exciting stuff!

My baby blog is now 4 years old, YEY! Can I get a high five?!

Throughout all the ups and downs and drastic changes in my life, I have been true & dedicated to my blog and its readers. I am thankful to each and everyone of you. WIthout YOUR support, my blog couldn’t have come this far.


To show you all my appreciation I am soon going to announce a GIVEAWAY on my blog. The prize will be really EXCITING for all the makeup lovers.

So stay tuned and watch out for my next post!



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Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful!

Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful!





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