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Happy Birthday Sifa’s Corner!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Well, Happy Birthday Sifa’s Corner! It’s been 6 years since you and I started this road together and now we have some serious thinking to do about our future!


It’s that time of year when I tend to feel wiser, get nostalgic and also feel like I have lost words to express how I am feeling exactly…..and I do write stuffs and talk about stuffs for a living! Hahaha!

Those who are here for colorful pictures of a lipstick or swatches of eyeshadows you may be disappointed. Because I am not going to do that. I am all about some heart to heart today, I am going to say some stuffs that have been going on with my life the past year, or more!

Today I have been browsing through my blog and other social channels…Till now I have written almost 300 posts, uploaded 15 videos on YouTube, shared more than 1000 pictures on Instagram, pinned almost 3500 pins on Pinterest.

It’s not a big number in blogging world. It’s the rough amount of work I have presented to my readers and followers since 2010.

So the question I am wondering nowadays is-

Should I stop?


When do I stop?

Yes I am going to answer the questions today. Please keep on reading.

For those who think the follower count on social media is a popularity contest, let me tell you this.

Yes it is kinda like a popularity contest. and NO, I am not doing it to be popular.

Working as a social influencer is a tricky business. You have to balance your life between keeping it real and not getting carried away.


Sometimes I feel like 2 different persons; one who is the most unglamorous and the nerdiest nerd you can find. Taking care of family, the baby, cooking food & doing all the housework, getting depressed, feeling hopeless, crying in constant pain.

There’s another version of me who is all polished, poised and graceful, who looks good, presentable and who knows how to give a motivational speech to influence others.


So who am I actually?

I am both, just like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

and as I am both, I inspire people to be both, to embrace both.

I inspire them to be nerdy and glamorous at the same time.

I motivate them to embrace their negative sides and balance it out with the positive ones.

I am not just a blogger, or a vlogger; I am a social influencer.


I have come a long way in terms of blogging. After my first viral blogpost Living With My 2 Special Friends, I found a new voice and new goal to speak up and help people.

I have been interviewed twice by InForm newspaper here in USA (interview 1, interview 2). I have been announced as the best style blogger in the state of North Dakota (article here).

I have collaborated with more than 50 brands, my work has been shown in Times Square and I am now working on a special project with a very big makeup brand, which I can tell you about in due time!

There are people more affluent in blogging world than me; but for me in my condition, this is an achievement. I am thankful for all these.

What do I get from all these?

  • A peace of mind by motivating others to feel good about themselves and embrace their flaws.
  • A creative freedom.
  • Learning something new everyday.
  • Exploring new stuffs, new products every single day.
  • A brand name that is my own creation and hard work.
  • Supportive loyal readers.

Now the questions still remain unanswered.

Should I stop?

No. There’s so many things I want to do, if God willing. I have big plans for Sifa’s Corner.

When do I stop?

Probably when I can move to a better position; career wise.

…….So I hope this small emotional chat didn’t bore you out. Even if it did, spare me today. Because after all, it’s the 6th anniversary of my blog! I deserve to blabber out a bit today!



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munmun October 29, 2016 - 9:25 am

go on,buddy…. 🙂

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan November 1, 2016 - 8:41 pm

Thanks my dear!

Beth October 29, 2016 - 9:18 am

Proud of you Sifa!! Glad you are speaking truthfully about your life as you continue to blog and be a social influencer!!

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan November 1, 2016 - 8:42 pm

Thanks Beth! You have been always supporting me through thick and thin. Thank you for being such a great friend!


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