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My New Hair Color from Mezzanine Salon

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
If you follow my Instagram account, then you have seen me posting pictures of my new hair color. It’s nothing drastic, as usual. (AGH! I wish I could pull off a daring hair color….like some blue streaks!)
My hair is naturally black. Some warmth and color breaks the monotonous look of all-over black hair and gives it dimension. I also had “some” greys. So the color job was becoming a necessity.
I went to Lola Teeny from Mezzanine salon in Minneapolis. She is highly recommended in Minneapolis area and an absolute sweetheart! She listened to what I wanted my hair to be and exactly created that!
I opted for Balayage highlights with some face framing pieces and the following pictures were my inspiration.
toppers for women
And here is my new hair:
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Here are some quick snaps taken with my phone.

The interior of the salon:

Loveee the green!

Processing the color:

These are the products she used for blow drying and setting my curly-frizzy hair to a manageable sleek wavy one.

P.S. The setting stayed as-it-is for 4 straight days.

Here is the finished look:

With lovely Lola Teeny.

 Here are some pictures my husband took later that day.
tape in hair extenstions
Excuse my extremely tired face. It was a very long day and I was sleepy!
 So did you like my new hair color?
If you like Lola’s work, you can visit her at Mezzanine salon in Minneapolis. You can just book her online and get your hair done.

Things I realized from the whole experience.

1. I really need a good-lightweight hair-dryer.
(Please share some suggestions below!)
2. I can never blow-dry my hair smoothly, even if I have the products. My shoulders hurt too much for the whole process. (Damn you TOS!)
And 3. This-
You can order more hair color extensions from lilyhair.com
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