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I tried something Unique, by Younique!**

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
[**Sent for review]

…….. Haha…couldn’t resist the pun! 
Today I am going to talk about a special product. It’s the “Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes” mascara by Younique Cosmetics.



Younique is relatively new in beauty and makeup industry. The motto of their products is-
“Nature. Love. Science”. They have
 combined the advances of science and the gift of Mother Nature for the exclusive products. Let’s hear from the co-founder Melanie Huscroft about makeup products in general:

“Without science, we’d still be using pigmented dirt and crushed berries on our faces as ‘makeup’.”


What is FIBER LASH mascara?

So you are wondering, what the heck is a Fiber lash mascara?
It’s those mascaras, which magically make lashes longer, thicker, and bolder by attaching little fibers on the lashes.
You can say these are “false lashes in a bottle”!
The result is temporary though. You can clean it up with makeup remover.
Many companies are catching up with this Fiber mascara trend and the product can cost you less than $10 to more than $20.
Previously I have tried 2 mascaras of this kind from drugstore…..one from Maybelline and one from L’Oreal. Both were very much affordable and worked fairly well. Nothing fancy, just made the lashes blacker, a little bit longer & thicker looking.
I liked the idea and I liked the result on my thin lashes. 


When Dominique from Younique Cosmetics contacted me to review their product, I was delighted. I saw many pictures of ladies wearing this mascara especially on Instagram raving how “magical” this product is! So I was really excited!

First impression:

The packaging of this mascara is top-notch. It comes is a sleek black box with “Younique” written on it.


You will find 2 tubes within the box. One is Transplanting Gel and the other is Natural Fibers. Don’t get confused! They will also send you a detailed instruction page.

Here are the ingredients of the Transplanting gel and the Fiber lashes:



The transplanting gel looks like a regular mascara. This product acts as a binder and sealer to the fibers.


Transplanting gel


Here is the product swatched on hand.



As the name implies, fiber lash consists of tiny fibers which stick to the lash and aid to the lengthening & thickening part. 

Fiber Mascara

Closer look at the fibers:

How to use the mascara:

Okay, so before I put on the mascara for the first time, let me show you how my lashes really look like.

Thin, sparse in places and almost straight.
Here are my supplies for the whole look.

1. Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara
2. A spoolie (You can also use an eyelash comb)
3. A cotton bud to clean up any mess
4. A regular mascara
I am using the product here for the first time, I don’t know what will be the result. So fingers crossed! 🙂
As the instructions say, you have to use your regular mascara, let it dry. Then use the transplanting gel and while it’s still wet, use the fibers. Last of all, seal the fibers with the transplanting gel.
So I used my everyday essential Benefit “They’re Real” mascara on upper lashes as usual, let it dry a few minutes. Then I applied the Moodstruck 3d fiber lashes mascara as instructed. I didn’t brush out the lashes, just left it as it is.
First try on right eyelashes came out clumpy and not-so-good.

First Try- Not so good!

So I tried again on my left eye.

This time I coated my lashes with a lighter layer of regular mascara, then I applied Moodstruck 3d fiber lashes; concentrating on the outer 3rd  of my upper lashes.
I brushed out the lashes a little bit to make the look more natural. 


The result turned out okay.


Second Try

I was not happy with my first try-out. So I tried the next day again. The result was better than first try-out! Scroll down to see more pictures below.

Is the mascara true to its claim?

1. Thicker lashes: Check!

Here is a before-after comparison picture to understand the how the product actually looks on lashes.

2. Longer lashes: Check!

3. Does it “Enhance” and “Magnifies” my own lashes?


A closer look with and without eye makeup:

Without any eye makeup:

Younique 3D mascara without eyemakeup

With eye makeup:

Younique 3D mascara with eyemakeup

What about glasses?

Here’s the tricky part.
If you wear glasses, and apply this mascara all over your upper lashes then the extra length will be a problem. Because the longer lashes will touch the lenses of your glasses every time you blink.

See the image below.

Bummer, right?


Use this little trick.

Apply the fibers only on the outer 3rd of your upper lashes.
It will create longer lashes with an elongated eye effect that won’t stick or touch the lense.

Here is the demonstration.

Closer look:

And what about contacts?

This is a tough one. If you are wearing contacts and this mascara, chances are some fibers may fall into your eyes……and your eyes will hurt, a lot!



1. No hassle of putting on false lashes.
2.  It looks great underneath glasses. Makes your lashes really stand out!
3. Gives instant thicker and longer lashes.

Here is a comparison picture to show you the result:



1. Price may be an issue for some. It costs $29.
2. You need a little bit practice to get ahold of this product.
Just with little more time & patience, you can master it.
3. Using the mascara on both upper and lower lashes can cause the lashes to stick together sometimes.
So I just used Younique on my upper lashes and my everyday mascara on lower lashes.
4. You will need a good eye makeup remover to clean up the product.
5. You have to use lighter hand and build the product gradually while using the fibers. Less is more!
Use too much fibers and you will end up with fallouts.
Pictured below:

 Where can you buy it:


It will cost you $29.

After trying it several times, I finally mastered to make it look natural!


I know the article was a bit too long, but hope that you will find everything you are looking for in this review.

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