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How To Pick Lipsticks To Match Your Skin Tone

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Not sure how to go about picking your lipsticks? Confused about what might work for you when trying it on at the store? Today’s article will help you decide what shades to go for based on your skin tone. 
This is contributed by Evelyn K. Walker– an incredibly upbeat and fun loving person who loves all things beauty & style related. She started working her way up the ladder on her own working straight from home at a very young age. She focuses on perfection in all aspects, whether it be beauty regimes, makeup, personal style & fashion. She loves to write as a hobby and guest blogs for others whenever she gets the time and has something epic to write about. With her insatiable talent to keep up with all things new and glamorous, the sky is the limit for this young entrepreneur.


You gotta love lipsticks. If there’s one thing that can undoubtedly take you from drab to fab in a matter of a few seconds, it’s the perfect lipstick. Well that and a perfect pair of heels.

Oh heels…

Right. Sorry. Lipstick. 
Speaking of the ‘perfect’ lipstick, how do you know which one to pick? How do you know which shade will compliment your skin tone beautifully? How do you pick one that will make the angels sing in chorus the minute you wear it?
You have questions, I have answers. So let’s begin.
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Shades for light skin tones

These are tried and true guides you can go by. If your skin is light go for shades of Beige or soft Pinks. It’s important to avoid anything that is too bright or causes too much of a contrast – like say a very rich and dark red. It can make fair skin look paler and even somewhat bleak. Not to mention it could draw attention away from your beautifully made up eyes.

This doesn’t mean you should rule out bright colors entirely. Feeling fun and sunny? Go ahead and wear a lovely shade of Orange, which although very bright in its own right, can give your face a cheery glow.

Shades for darker brown skin tones

For beautiful ebony skin, safer shades to go with are deep, wine-y Reds. I like to achieve the “bloody” look by using plumping lip gloss to give it a lovely shine. I like to use e.l.f mineral lip gloss because it gives me the perfect shine (and it’s also quite affordable). If you don’t want to go for “safe” and want a more noticeable pop of color, certain shades of Pink can accentuate the lips and brighten the face- but remember, Find the right shade to avoid the high contrast.

Shades for medium or olive skin tones

I think there won’t be any arguments when I say olive is skin is beautiful in itself. But to really bring out the beauty you can go for Browns – both light and dark. They complement the skin nicely and give your lips a subtle beauty. To make sure the brown doesn’t blend into your skin, you can use Sephora’s nude lip liners, that give you both subtlety and definition.
Pinksare also an emphatic YES! You can experiment with different shades to see what works best and I guarantee you will find one that makes your face shine.

Now say, you’re just about to head out, maybe you’re in a little bit of a hurry and you don’t have time to carefully consider what shade would work best. The perfect shade to choose is the ever popular Cherry Red. It looks great on any skin tone, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s for night or day. You just can’t go wrong with cherry red.

Wear the shade that you give the A grade

Whether you have light, medium or dark skin, you can use these tips to try to find a lipstick color that works for you. The most important factor to consider is, which shade accentuates the beautiful features of your face. Find a color by experimenting. Mix it up with gloss, liners and maybe even sparkles if you feel like it. At the end of the day, it’s all about highlighting your natural beauty rather than taking away from it.


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