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The Perfect Human Face: Light skin vs Dark skin

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Today’s guest article is composed by Celina Jones (CJ) , a beautician by profession associated with mynewa.com who loves to share her beauty and health tips via her articles.


What does Beauty mean to you? 

Is it the way a person presents them in front of you, Is it the way they actually are or what you call their personality? Is it the way they look all the time? Or is it the way they make you feel? 

Well, the reason I am starting off to write by asking you so many questions, is to point of the fact that the term “beauty” in itself is extremely subjective. Meaning thereby what is Beautiful to me, might not be Beautiful to you. But even in this diverseness, there is a common belief, that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder so prima facie, it’s the way they see you. If you are drop dead gorgeous and yet a complete snob to talk to, people would still consider you beautiful. And even though you have the IQ of 200 and the generosity of Nun yet go around presenting yourself like a clumsy mop, people would consider you ugly.

Yet, there still remains a line of thought, which suggests that being beautiful is about being confident and loving yourself, and once you are at peace with yourself, you got it- You are Beautiful!

The Color Stigma: 

The reason I wrote such an epilogue about beauty, is for you to understand the most essential parameter of self-validation i.e. accepting yourself the way you are and never long for something that isn’t going to happen. 

In a recent survey by a leading beauty brand 68% of women has expressed their desire to become fairer, and when we say fairer we mean that unless they are painfully white, women all over the world has complained about the complexion of their face as to how the tanning or the absurd level of population or weather changes has affected their nascent skin colour. A more weird survey suggests that 51% of these women eleive that being fair not only enhances your beauty quotient, but also hikes your chances of getting jobs at better places. 

“What!!!” was my reaction to this poll.

What does Biology Say?

Now, to get the biological facts right, our skin contains a pigment call Melanin whose basic function is to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun and thereby acting as a natural sun-block. It is this content of Melanin that decides on your skin color, and sometimes over exposure to sun or hormonal imbalances or usage of too much of toxic substances on theskin can lead to problems of pigmentation ranging from uneven skin tone to completely darkening your complexion. 

The procedure of skin rejuvenation in the form of your regular cleansing-toning and moisturizing routine may check that to certain level.

What we have to say?

Getting back to the discussion, take it from us the Perfect Human Face has got nothing to do with your skin colour, irrespective of the light or dark skin tone as long as its even and your anatomically perfect, well there you go your face is perfect. 

I find Halle Berry or President Obama as perfect and beautiful as Anna Hathaway or Bill Clinton, and I am sure most of the world thinks alike. So get the hint, God has made you certain way, and there is not much you can do about it, except for getting under the knives. But what you can do is to enhance what has been given to you, and that process starts with acceptance.

The skin color of your face is not the parameter of your beauty, it is the texture, the finesse and that glow, which makes your face Perfect. And with your natural process of skin rejuvenation and a little bit of routine care, you are just as gorgeous and glamorous as you rate yourself to be.


Beautifully written article CJ! Thanks for your contribution to Sifa’s Corner!

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Stay Healthy , Stay Beautiful !

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