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Black-Silver smokey eye

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Today’s look is another reader’s choice…. A black-silver smokey eye.
This is the look that I was requested to recreate.
As you can see the picture is heavily photo-shopped and I really don’t think it’s an actual human eye…but anyway, I customized the eye makeup for my eye shape & color and came up with a black-silver smokey eye!
Scroll down to see how I recreated this look.

What have i used:

Urban Decay primer potion-Original
60 color Day & Night palette by BH cosmetics
Urban Decay pencil liner in Perversion
NYX jumbo pencil in Milk
Maybelline volum’ express turbo boost mascara  
False Lashes


Use your usual primer on both upper and lower eye lid. I have used UDPP in Original.


Take a black kohl and create a flick on the outer corner of your upper lid like this. (I know it looks kinda weird, but it will help you to make a guideline for how far you want to blend the outer shadow parts.)


Now take a clean brush and softly blend the line INWARDS like the following picture. Don’t go overboard and limit the blending to the middle part of your upper lid.


Now take a white shadow base or a white creamy liner and apply it on the inner half of your upper lid. I have used NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.


Blend the white base with the black base and create a gradual effect like the following picture.


Take a matte black shadow and apply it on the outer part of the upper lid on the black base. (See? The guideline we made earlier is coming handy!)


Now take a dark shimmery silver shadow and apply it on the middle part of your upper lid.


Blend the silver into the black shadow.


Take a shimmery white shadow and apply it on the inner corner. Blend the shimmery white with the silver.


Take the white base you have used earlier and apply it under your brows like picture-A. Blend out the white base like picture-B.


Now take a matte white shadow and apply it under the brows, just upon the white base.
(I have also filled in my my brows here.)


Take your black kohl and draw a line like this on the lower lid. Keep the waterline bare.


Smudge the harsh line with a  clean brush.


Now take the matte black shadow and blend it with the black base on lower lid.


Take a cotton bud and clean the waterline of your lower lid. Now apply a white liner on the water line.


Take the shimmery white shadow and place it on the innermost corner & inner 3rd of your eyes to brighten up the whole look. Blend well.


Draw a thin line with eyeliner closer to your upper lash line. Add mascara.


[If you want to follow the actual picture from which I am recreating this look, you can skip the following step. But I added this step because sometimes using only black on lower lid tends to be unflattering for dark brown eyes.]
Take the shimmery silver shadow and place it like the following picture on your lower lid.


Are you a false lash fan? If so, then add some falsies and add mascara to blend the lashes.

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