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Fathers Day Gift selfcare

Self-care/ Grooming Product Gifts for Father’s Day

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Selfcare for some fathers consists of taking a good afternoon nap or watching the favorite game. For actual self-care products, most men have an all in one wash, a body spray and *probably* a moisturizer of some sort. It took me a long time to encourage my husband to wear sunscreen at least in the Summer day, then gradually I talked him into using a shampoo according to his hair type, a conditioner, a face wash, and some times, a nose pore strip to clean the blackheads.

So help out the fathers in your life with their self-care and grooming needs, whether it is your own hubby, dad-in-law, son, brother, or even close friend. Encourage them to use a good product with lots of good ingredients. Most men do not like to use 3 or more skin products like us women, so give them a face moisturizer that will target most of the problems for their facial skin. If he has curly hair, give them hair products specifically for curls. If he uses hair styling products, gift them the ones which are efficient and manage their hair while keeping the hair and scalp healthy. Here are some products I have encouraged my husband to use (and fall in love with):

Selfcare/ Grooming Products for Father’s Day:

Rahua Shower Gel is an invigorating wash that nurtures the skin and awakens the senses with a rich, gentle foaming lather.  Most of the time my husband looks for a shower gel that is on sale and can clean his body (plus hair at the same time). He never looks at the ingredients. So I took the initiative to introduce him to something better like this shower gel. He could feel the difference after just one wash.

Rahua Body Oil is the perfect after-shower accompaniment. Both of us use this fast-absorbing, lightweight, and hydrating oil after a shower and both of us love how it makes the skin soft and hydrated.

Rahua Classic Shampoo: This rich, restorative shampoo is made with Omega-9 rich Rahua Oil and is naturally scented. I have been using this shampoo for the last 3 years and whenever I use it I am never disappointed. My husband also likes this shampoo and in his own words “it makes hair clean without making the scalp itchy”. For context, his hair is silky, straight, and gets oily & limp easily and my hair is curly, dry, and gets frizzy. So you can see this shampoo can work on different types of hair. Classic Shampoo is also available in an environmentally friendly Refill Pouch.

Rahua Cream WaxThis is a new addition to his grooming routine. As my husband has straight, silky, and fine hair, this easy-to-use styling wax offers low-key shine, pliable hold and a little texture to his flat hair. It is made with all plant-based ingredients such as green tea, Rahua oil, and carnauba. So ingredients-wise, it got my vote!

Those who are already adept in self-care and grooming, you can gift them with skincare, haircare sets, or their favorite perfume. Here are some suggestions:

Suncare Travel Set • Coola
Protect + Prevent Kit • Paula’s Choice
Supergoop! Jet Set Kit • Supergoop!
Styling Essentials Set • Oribe
Living Proof Full Shampoo Conditioner & Thickening Kit • Living Proof
Invati AdvancedTM 3 Step Set • Aveda
Sunday Riley Pro Vitamins Vol.1 • Sunday Riley
Supergoop! SPF, Snow or Shine • Supergoop!
Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil & Concentrate Set • Kiehl’s
Youth To The People The Youth Minis Kit • YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE
Hydration Warriors Set • Kate Somerville
Drunk Elephant – The Littles • Drunk Elephant

More options can be found below:

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Fathers Day Gift selfcare

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