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travel essentials, travel gift guide

Travel Essentials You Need for Your Next Trip

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


Travel….as fun as it sounds, it is not without some hassles. Most of the travel woes can be avoided with careful and smart planning. There are so many products to make the whole process easier, which is why today I am featuring some of my favorites as travel essentials. You can also gift these to someone who travels frequently.

This list features innovative products like Dr. Plotka’s foldable travel toothbrush ( found online and also on Amazon), InfinityBelt buckle-less belt that’s as comfy as it is cute,  SoCal Curls curling hair tie which combines revolutionary low-heat technology to give you beautiful waves and curls, Travalo refillable atomizer which will allow you to take your favorite fragrance or facial mist wherever you go.

travel essentials, travel gift guide

I have used most of the products featured below, so I know they will work well while traveling. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this travel gift guide.

P.S. every picture is clickable below.  Happy shopping!

travel essentials, travel gift guide

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