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Happy Women’s Day!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
Hello there! Because 70% of my reader base is female, let’s just start this article with a big “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY”! A woman is born with many roles and with time, these roles start to unfold as responsibilities. We have responsibility towards our society, our families and above all, ourselves. Today I am not going to preach about duties or social norms, rather I am going to talk about Women’s health….and what’s better than International Women’s Day?


I am sure you have heard about: “Make half your plate fruits & vegetables” or “Make half your grains whole” or “Limit carbohydrates to 6 oz daily”. Apart from eating mindfully and drinking water, You can also add Probiotics and supplements like Multivitamins to give a boost to your healthy lifestyle.


Start taking care of your skin as early as possible and learn to love your complexion. Many women in Asia are taunted for their dark complexion and from childhood, they grow up to hate their appearance. Dark or fair- you are unique and you are special. Don’t ever forget that!
Invest in good skin care products and use sun protection.
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Many women tend to ignore yearly checkup or any change in their reproductive health. For a healthy and happy life, it’s imperative to take care of your body. If you see and feel that something is not normal or as per usual, go see a doctor.


I think we grow up with such restraints that sometimes we can’t just say “no” to certain situation. If you feel like you can’t do something or you don’t want to do something particular, just learn to say NO and walk away from those situations.
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So I am saying BYE today in good faith and hoping that my small article will help some of you out there and guide you towards a better, healthier path. Happy Women’s Day!

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