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REVIEW: L’Oréal EverPure Repair & Defend System

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan



Hello friends! After a very long hiatus, I am back with a new post. For my old as well as new readers, I have been very busy with the new life with my baby, my same old health condition and lots of other stuffs. I will soon share all these things in a separate blogpost.

Let me tell you one thing I have realized recently. It’s better to go darker when you are pregnant or just had a baby.


Because you will get absolutely no time to take extra, or any, care of your hair. I colored my hair last September and it’s been 7 months since then. Within this time I had my baby and gave 0 time to attend my hair. My hair has become dry, frizzy, brittle and in plain words- straw-like. 🙁

Then I tried out L’Oréal EverPure Repair & Defend System products. Keep on reading to know my experience & see my hair after using the products.


I received the shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair lotion.


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My Thoughts:

  • The first thing that comes to my mind when I use a new shampoo and conditioner, is the smell. These duo have a “fresh” smell which reminds me of my father’s perfume which he used when I was little. Don’t misread me, the smell is not overpowering for my nose, I personally like the smell. But it may be a little too much for sensitive noses.
  • The shampoo & conditioner is a little bit creamier than a typical shampoo & conditioner. You have to rub the product on your palm and massage it well.
  • The mask it really thick and you will not need a lot of product. For my waist-long thick hair I use a little less than a tablespoon amount. I just keep on the mask for 10-12 minutes then I wash it off.
  • The lotion feels like a water-based formula which I use on my wet towel-dried hair. It didn’t have the “wow factor” I was looking for and also it didn’t do anything special for my wavy-curly hair.


  • Sulfate, paraben & harsh chemical free.
  • It has Acai, Goji and a UV filter which will help to repair damaged hair while protecting from daily color aggressors.
  • The system (combination of the 4) leaves hair smooth and healthier after each use.


  • I don’t know if I should write this on the cons side, but I wish the shampoo & conditioner came in a bigger size bottle.
  • The lotion alone doesn’t perform very well on thick wavy-curly hair.


My most favorite product from this line is the Hair mask. It truly does wonders to your hair! And the least favorite was the hair lotion.

Here is how my hair looks after using the products and heat styling.


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