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Hair Products I am Loving Right Now..

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
Hello Hello!
Summer is here in Dhaka…. so the heavy conditioner I have used in Winter is just weighing my hair down.
(May be once or twice a month is okay for deep conditioning treatment, but for weekly use- umm…..nope!)

I have been searching for a good shampoo & conditioner for a long time. Nothing was doing any good to my curly hair. Then Sabikun from Hair Bar Bangladesh salon recommended me to try the shampoos from Bodyshop. As I have never used any Bodyshop shampoos before, I thought, “Why not?!”

P.S.: If you do not know about Sabikun or Hair Bar Bangladesh salon.. you should totally check it out! She is a Dhaka based hair stylist who gave me a hair cut & colored my hair in December. Here is her page link.

Here is the cut & color job she gave me. The highlight was very subtle, which enhanced my curls actually.

Click on the picture for larger view.


Human hair Full Lace Wigs
Left: Sabikun & Me,
Middle: Hair after cut, color and blowdrying
Right: A closer look at the color


In the meantime, I received a hair conditioner from Lush Cosmetics via Daily Makeover. It’s my first Lush product, YEY!

So, I bought a color protecting shampoo from Bodyshop which is called “Bilberry Colour Protect Shampoo” and paired it with the Lush “Happy Happy Joy Joy” conditioner. I quite liked the result.


Lush & Bodyshop


Here is a short review for the products.

The Bodyshop Bilberry Colour Protect Shampoo:

With a very fruity smell, this product comes is a sturdy bottle.

This is a quite thick cream colored shampoo. See the following picture?
You have to open up the screw cap completely to get the product out, the squeezey part of the cap won’t work.


Now to answer the most asked question, it costs around 650 BDT, and I got it from Bodyline (Banani branch)

I like this shampoo because this one makes my thick curly hair soft and leaves a shine after using.


**Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Hair Conditioner:


[**Received for review]

This product has a unique flowery smell which was, (truth to be told), quite repulsive when I first used it…. BUT the smell almost dissipates after washing, leaving a mild sweet flowery residual scent behind.

And the ingredients are good for hair too!


Unlike the shampoo, the conditioner is quite watery. I was in doubt whether it’s gonna be enough for my thick, rough hair, but it proved me wrong. It gave my hair a nice soft volume and also made the hair softer to touch.

See how watery the yellow colored conditioner is?



Will I buy these products again?

Yes, yes I would.

Would I recommend it?

Everyones hair is different….. If this combo is working for MY hair, it doesn’t mean YOUR hair will behave the same too. BUT the products are good, affordable…. So you can give it a try!

Here is my air-dried hair after using the shampoo+conditioner…..without any additional hair styling product. Don’t mind the frizzes ladies, the curls were quite soft and I love it!

human hair half wigs


I am planning to venture into Lush and Bodyshop products more, Do you have any suggestion?
Let me know below.


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wasima rownak khan rishta November 4, 2014 - 7:22 am

Api how much is the conditioner?

Wasifa Ahmad November 5, 2014 - 8:37 pm

Cost depends on size. This one costs $24.95.


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