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Reader’s Experience: DIY eyelash treatment

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
Today’s article was sent by one of my wonderful readers, Fahmida Islam, the creative head of Lá mode.
She followed my blog post about DIY treatments to enhance eye lashes (Link here) and shared her experience with rest of the readers. 
Thank you for sharing your experience Fahmida!
After reading Wasifa apu’s wonderful article on lash growing,  I tried this experiment on my lashes.

My experience :

I started the experiment from 9th November & within just three weeks I found visible results. I had so short lashes that my lash curler couldn’t fit my lashes into it. But now after three weeks of my experiment, when I use my lash curler I can feel my lashes been curved into it . Totally wow !


How I do it :

So, I am sharing with all of you how I do my lash job every night before bed :

Step 1:  

I use virgin olive oil, ELF spoolie/brow comb ( bought from Facebook page of Best Deal) & a mirror.

Step 2: 

Dip the lash comb into olive oil

Step 3: 

Starting from upper lash, looking straight to the mirror, comb you lashes just like applying mascara.

Step 4: 

Add the excess oil on the lash root; this will help to strengthen up the lash roots. Avoid the step if you have oily eye lid.

Step 5 & 6:

Do the same of lower lash


Step 7 & 8: 

Voila ! Keep it for whole night & let it absorb, rinse your eye lid in the morning with only water.


Some points to clear-
  • Virgin olive oil : Yellow colored olive oil is known as virgin olive oil, you can use Promise olive oil (greener olive oil) but I don’t know how would be the results. Still it’s olive oil.
  • Don’t use before going to sunlight or in day time.
  • Don’t use if you are going to work on computer, this will make you eyes sight dizzier. Ask how I know, YEAH, I know it with a bad experience!
  • Be careful, If you have oily eye lid.
  • I have been doing it regularly every night since I started. That’s why I believe I got the results so fast.
  • After doing my lash work every night, my eyelash fall has reduced to almost 0%
  • My cousin sister also told me, that you need to use olive oil for bigger & fuller lashes at least for six months continuously.
  • Applying olive oil has become my daily habit & now it’s like “cherry on top” of my night beauty ritual. I love doing it. After all, my lash deserves some love too!


If you have also tried any of my DIY blog posts, send me your experience. 
YOU could be the next featured reader on my blog!!


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