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Youthful Natural Makeup Tutorial

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Hello lovely readers!

Today’s makeup tutorial is highly requested by my readers of the following look.

I did this specific hair and makeup look for Dhaka Tribune (TMag) for their “Vol-1; Issue-19″. Check out the Link here to see all the pictures in the magazine.

The aim of the whole look was to make the model look youthful, natural…yet with a slight definition.

So I came up with a “natural with hint of purple” eyemakeup look (to make the model’s brown eyes pop).

It’s a really easy makeup look and you can create the whole look with only 1 palette- Jenni Rivera eyeshadow & blush palette by BH cosmetics! [Review here]

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Products used:


Jenni Rivera eyeshadow & blush palette.
Maybelline volum’ express mascara


Loreal HIP foundation in Sand
MAC studio fix concealer
L’oreal True match powder


Jenni Rivera eyeshadow & blush palette.


32 color lip palette by BH cosmetics.


Before I start, let me tell you…please don’t judge the makeup work as “overly shiny”.. I am having problem with the light setting of my new camera. So kindly excuse the shiny looking face. It was matte in person.


Use your foundation , concealer and blend with a wet sponge.

Use a color correcting primer or concealer to neutralize the color of your eye lids before getting started. I have used the remaining foundation on my Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge [review here] which I have used earlier to blend my foundation.


Take a matte pinkish nude color and with an eye shadow brush, apply this color on your eye lid upto the brow bone. This will act as a base color before placement of the other colors & help to blend all the colors together in the end.


Take a matte medium warm brown shadow and a blending brush (I have used Real Techniques eyeshadow brush & used it as a blending brush).

Apply this color just above the crease of your upper eye lid. 

Having trouble finding the area? Just open your eyes and spot the marked area on the following image. Apply the brown color on this area. Do not use too much product…use a little product and build the color slowly.


So you have defined the crease like picture A… Great! Now blend the crease well.

Add the same brown color with the same brush on the outer corner of your upper lid (marked with the arrow on pic-B). Gradually build the color using little amount of product.


Take a matte cranberry color and a blending brush (I have used MAC brush 217).

Take a little amount of the cranberry color and add the color just below the brown shadow we have placed earlier. If you are having trouble with placement, just follow the arrow.


Gradually build the cranberry color on the crease and the outer corner of upper lid. (Marked with the arrow in pic-A). 

Blend well so there is no harsh line. (Pic-C)


Take a white eyeshadow with slight sheen (not glittery or too much shimmery) and the eye shadow brush used on step 2. Place this color on your inner part of upper & lower eye lid area. This will brighten up the whole eye.


Take a big fluffy blending brush, like this one from BH cosmetics. Use this brush to blend all the colors on your upper eye lid.


Take the white shadow & the same brush (used on step 2 & 7) and place this color just under the highest part of your eyebrows. 

We are keeping the whole look kind of matte, so use the white sparingly.


Take a matte black shadow and an angled brush. The black shadow I am using has tiny glitter particles in it, which does not show while using a little amount…so it is acting as a matte shadow.

Draw a thin line on your upper eyelash for slight definition…without any wing or extension. Just follow your natural eye shape.


Take the warm brown and the same brush used on step 3. Use this color to define your lower lid area.


Take a matte dark purple shadow and pencil brush. (I have used one from BH cosmetics)

Apply this color on the outer half of your lower lash line. (Specified with the arrows)


Now take your black shadow you have used earlier and a detailer brush like this one from Real Techniques.

Use a little black color on the outer 3rd of your lower lash line. Blend well.


Curl your lashes, Use your mascara, Define the brows and the eyes are done!

I used a natural looking false lash on the model. You can skip this part if you are not comfortable.


I have used a little amount of a darker cool pink blush for definition and the golden peachy blush on top of the cheek for a warm highlighted effect.

I did slight contouring on the model’s face because camera washes the picture and it looks flat without any contouring. But you can skip this part.

I have used a peachy-pink lip color from the 32 color lip palette.

Here is the end result of the makeup.

Wasn’t that easy? 

Do try it out and send me your pictures on Facebook page of Sifa’s Corner.


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Stay Healthy , Stay Beautiful !

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