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The making of Cruella De Vil!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
This week, I had another work with TMag magazine of Dhaka Tribune…and the theme was animal cruelty.
I had to create a modern version of Cruella De Vil, the iconic character from 101 Dalmatians.
If you haven’t met her already, take a look here:


And here:

The tag line was: “You don’t have to hurt animals in order to pull off this kind of chic; simply pair some animal prints with bold eye makeup & you are chilling like a villain!”


I had to work with Samin, one of the beautiful models I know and worked with earlier. The main challenge was to make her look like an evil villain, because she is such a sweetheart!
I concealed her natural brows completely, painted her face whiter than usual, contoured her cheek bones and chin area to make her feature look more bone-y (…just like Cruella).
Rather than using one green color for the signature Cruella eye-makeup, I used 4 different shades of greens and blues to make the model’s brown eyes pop….and the eye-makeup was not complete without sky-high lashes! So I added a thicker pair.
For the red lips, I used 3 different shades of red to make the lips more luscious and fuller (…unlike the thin lips of Cruella).

For hair, I added height by back-combing the hair and made the updo rather unsymmetrically…. One side was higher than the other.


And voila!
Here comes the modern Cruella De Vil (without the animal cruelty)! 


Here are some behind-the-scene pictures.


She is actually holding one of my makeup brushes!


Here are some shots after the actual photo-shoot.


Here is the whole crew behind the work.
From left to right-
Me (Makeup & hair), Homayra (photography), Samin (model), Natasha (brain behind the operation)


I have no idea what we were talking about so intensely!


So, how do you like this new version of Cruella! Please share your thoughts!





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Mandela effect April 14, 2017 - 11:53 am

The name is not Cruella DeVille, it is Cruella DeVil. Please be accurate. Thank you for your post.

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan April 14, 2017 - 1:06 pm

Updated. Unfortunately I blindly followed the article instead of the actual name.


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