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A magical time with Disney princesses!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Hello readers!
I generally blog about tips, tutorials and things like that; but today’s article is a little bit different.
In this month of August, Muslim people celebrated “Eid” (A religious festival). In honor of this event, Dhaka Tribune ( One of the leading local newspapers here in Bangladesh) published a special issue featuring 4 Disney princesses.
So you are wondering, why am I writing about this?

Those who follow my Facebook blog page, know that I work as a freelance makeup artist and today’s article is about one of my recent works done with Dhaka Tribune.
I have worked with Dhaka Tribune earlier on other issues, but this Disney themed issue was the most anticipating one so far!

I worked with 4 beautiful models who posed as Cinderella, Rapunzel, Snow-white & Aurora (sleeping beauty). 

I created an elegant, contoured makeup for Cinderella. For Rapunzel, I created a soft  feminine look with pink and light purple as the main focus was her hair.
For Snow-white, I created the classic cat-eye and luscious red lips. For Aurora, I created a sultry smokey eye with blue, purple & pink.
Here is the end result.

Products :

Most of the products (for eye makeup) were from BH Cosmetics.

1. 60 color day & night palette (Review here)

2. Jenny Rivera eyeshadow & blush palette (Review here)

3. 88 color tropical matte palette

4. 88 color cool matte palette

5. 32 color lip palette

I just love these products!

Here are some behind-the-scene pictures of that day.

Working on Cinderella.

One of the models’ mother helped me out for Rapunzel’s hair. She was such a sweetheart!
Working on Rapunzel’s hair.

And here is the whole crew of the project.

In case you are wondering, I am the one with red scarf 🙂

Here is the actual magazine. (Unfortunately my name was spelled wrong!)
Here is the link of the Disney article published on T-MAG of Dhaka Tribune.
Photo Courtesy: Aaaloo (Homayra Adiba)


Now tell me, 

Which one of the 4 princesses is your favorite?
Which one of the above looks did you like most?

Chime in below!


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