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Get To Know Me-TAG!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Recently I found an interesting post in one of my favorite blogs Beauty Makeup Addict. It featured random questions about her personal life and her blog.
So I thought, I should give it a try too! As this blog is growing, the readers should know more about this blog and the blogger herself.
I modified the questions a bit to reflect my blog better.


How did this blog start?

This blog started as “The Other Side” on October 2010 which was based on spreading awareness and support for a disease named Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Gradually I widened the contents and made it “Sifa’s Corner”; a healthy lifestyle & beauty blog.

Why “Sifa’s Corner”?

“Sifa” is a short form of my name “Wasifa”. The word Sifa or Shifa also means “Healing” in Arabic….  So it was perfect for the blog.

Why do you write “Healthier you, Beautiful you” under the articles?

That’s because without health, the new MAC lipstick you have bought or the pricey eyeshadows you are wearing are just plain colors. If you are healthy, you are beautiful no matter which dress you are putting on or makeup you are applying.

How did a Dental Surgeon become a beauty blogger & makeup artist?

I had a great amount of free time in 2008 and after I had my 1st surgery in 2009. To release the boredom, I started watching YouTube tutorials and at last I went to a local makeup school to take a course in Beautification. I enjoyed the experience and it was not stressful like working with a patient.

What about the Beautification course you took?

I took a full course in Makeup, Hair cut & coloring, Skin care & Spa services. The course actually helped me to work on hair and makeup of different people. In time, I developed my own techniques and modified the process.  But the makeup tips and techniques mentioned here are my own. The beauty school here will give you a gross idea of makeup a.k.a ghost face makeup. I had to learn by myself & practice to make it better.
If you are interested about the program, comment below or mail me to know the details.
But one thing I should mention, you should go for a professional program only if you are interested in working with people or in other words, do freelance work. Otherwise it’s more than enough to work on yourself or your friends, watch the YouTube or blog tutorials and learn by yourself.
To see my makeup works, click here.
Some of my makeup works.

Is your hair naturally curly or straight?


What is your natural hair color?

Black to darkest brown.

Do you dye it?

Yes, I dye it myself. The color ranges from 3-4 (1 Being the blackest black, 10 platinum blonde on hair color chart.)

When did you 1st dye your hair?

In 2002. I bought a box of Garnier burgundy color and dyed my hair. The color was not at all noticeable unless I went out in the sun. Under the sun the hair gave a nice dark “chocolate” shade instead of the burgundy.

1st highlighting experience at a salon?

It was a nightmare! I went for a nice caramel highlight but instead I got horrible chemical cut due to the bleach. The chemical cut gave me an orange colored fringe! Apparently the lady who was applying bleach was not very adept in managing time or knew the strength of that particular product. May be I chose a wrong salon or maybe it was not my day. But after that incident I never ever went to local salon for coloring service and I always color-highlight by my own.

What about hair cut?

In my life I never had a single hair cut where the hair dresser didn’t complain about my rough curly hair. Every time I went for a cut I had to listen how “Rebonding” can make my hair behave well. So after I had the Beautification course, I pretty much cut my hair by my own.

What is your skin type & history?

My skin was pretty normal…with occasional breakout. But from the last year after I had my surgery it became totally crazy. The breakouts became so bad that my face was looking disfigured and swollen most of the time. But after taking good care and improving the food quality, my skin has become normal again. Though the spots are still there!

How often do you have facial?

I have to take care of my skin like a baby, one wrong or forgotten step and the breakouts are back. I generally do my full facial in every 15-20 days. In the meantime when the skin looks dull I just make a vegetable or fruit pack and slap it on my face (but never more than once per week).

How long does it take to put on your makeup?

It depends on the occasion. If I am going to work, pretty much 20-30 minutes. If I am going out, then I take as long as it needs J

What do you do 1st? face or eyes?

Again, it depends on the occasion and also the look I am going for. If it’s a simple eye look then face first, but if I am going heavy on the eyes, then I start with the eyes first.

Do you “collect” makeup or you just buy stuffs when you need it?

If by “collecting” you mean I am an impulsive buyer, then no. Most of the time I browse products, search online to read their review and then buy it. But sometimes if the product is unique and can improve my kit, I buy it….for example, if I see a dark colored foundation or a rare colored lipstick which is quite hard to find here, I will buy it. Because when I am working on a client, I can mix and match the color and customize it for their taste.

Do you do a full face of makeup every day?

Oh hell no! I am more like a “no-makeup” makeup look lover for everyday. I like to keep my skin looking fresh and eyes natural.

Do you wear makeup when you are at home alone or with your family?


Will you leave the house without makeup?

Yes, why not?! But I will ditch my contacts and wear my glasses to hide the dark circles under my eyes.

How many high end products do you have?

I have a variety of products mixed with high end and drug store ones.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes?

I spot clean the brushes after every use and deep clean those every week.

Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you are getting dressed?

I plan my whole outfit the night before. I don’t like the rush in the morning.

How often and when do you workout?

I am not a workout fanatic. My workout routine revolves around arm, shoulder & finger exercise for my TOS difficulties and surgeries. But when I get the time, I love walking.

How many pets do you have?

I had a full tank of fishes for almost 1 and half years. But gradually they died and I did not go for any pets anymore.

How often are you on Blogger?

All the time!

Do you read the comments posted on your blog?

Yes I do and I reply those as soon as I can.

What kind of camera do you use for photographs?

My iphone camera and Canon 600D.

What do you like about blogging?

I LOVE the fact that I can actually help someone with my knowledge & tips. Most of the time I get mails and comments about the positive outlook for life in spite of my everyday pain and difficulties, I really appreciate those.

What do you dislike about blogging?

I dislike the fact that I have to take my own pictures for the blog. I am generally camera shy and posing for camera kinda creeps me out. My brother [who is a professional photographer] has to work reaaaally hard to take 1 decent picture. If you see my self-shot pictures you will get a pretty good idea on how uncomfortable I am.

Why don’t I do “haul” posts?

Because I don’t want the readers to feel the urge of emptying the wallets on something that I like or buy. Most of the time when readers buy something based on the blogger’s skin & makeup preference, the purchase is not helpful for them. So I suggest the readers to scout for good products, look through the shops, test the products and then buy it.

What are you doing the rest of the day?

When I am at home I spend most of my time on writing new articles or on my blog. When I am not blogging, I read. I have a keen interest in diverse subjects and love to browse and read about those. Right now I am reading a book named “Understanding Psychology” by Robert S. Feldman. 
I am also a movie-addict and I love to bake!
I tag anyone who wants to join in! Just modify the questions and join!

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