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Happy Father’s Day

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
No matter how old I am, no matter where I go- I will always be my daddy’s little girl.
I was such a chubby-baby!
I love my father immensely but I never ever have celebrated father’s day. Not because I am lazy or I forget the date but I love to rejoice my father’s existence in my life in the other 364 days of the year too.
One day is simply not enough.

My father and I are more alike….from looks to characteristics. I have the same curly hair as my father, I cross my legs when I sit down- the same way as my father do and I have the same weird little habits as my father.
He has disciplined me for my misbehave, punished me for my mistakes, worked hard with me to improve my performance in studies and singing.
I used to get angry at my father for being so strict! I used to dread the pressure I felt when my grades were lower than expected (and the expectation was always to the top!)
But he also fulfilled my childish and stupid demands albeit my mother’s scorn. He taught me to dream big and try harder. He taught me to have a calm mind when facing difficulties.
I can’t even enlist all the things he has taught me and made me realize.
I am what my father has given me- spiritually, intellectually, physically and existentially.
So as I said before….one day is not enough!

I may offense my mother if I only mention my father here. My mother is my best friend and she has offered me all those things to bloom from a child to a mature person.
Ohh… what the heck!
Happy parents’ day!!

With my parents on my 1st birthday!

Do you have a story with your father to share with us?
Chime in below!

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Wasifa Ahmad July 15, 2012 - 7:20 am

Haha… yes! Parent's day at school was not cool at all!

NoOne June 17, 2012 - 5:24 pm

Thanks for such a post. Really why there r different Father's and Mother's day. It must be Parent's day (not that of our secondary school…..:p…)


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