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How to get prepared for a surgery

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

You need a surgery”….. Perhaps it’s one of the most dreadful sentences we can encounter. Being unconscious and completely surrender to a group of strangers while they cut open our body and explore to get rid of the “bad” stuffs- this idea is not only frightening but also frustrating.

But for the sake of our health, sometimes we have to go through this torment.

I have been both a doctor and a patient. I have seen concern & fear in patients’ faces when they are getting ready for the surgery and I have felt the same emotions running in me when I had my 2 surgeries. Getting ready for a surgical procedure, whether minor or major, needs both mental and physical strength. You have to be confident and tell yourself that you can do it!

It’s for the betterment!

Here is some information which, I believe, will be helpful for the people who are preparing themselves for a surgery.

Mental preparation-

Ask questions

If you are not familiar with the medical or surgical procedures, ask questions to your doctor. Share your concern. 
Don’t think that, “what if the doctor thinks my questions are stupid.” No, they are not going to think your anxiety is irrelevant or your queries are brainless. 
They are there to help you and after all it’s YOUR body they are going to operate. Therefore feel free to question.

    Be calm

    It’s not the end of the world that you are going to need a surgery. 
    Yes, I admit we all feel vulnerable in this situation BUT you have to keep this in mind that the main goal of a surgery is to improve a person’s quality of life. 
    So stop browsing through the internet & worry about the percentage of recovery or outcome of the surgery and chill out. Listen to music or pray or meditate to calm your mind.


      Be strong– 

      ………and hang in there! 
      Before and after my surgery, I often wondered; “When these things are going to end?!” All the tests, surgery and medications made me feel sicker. I just used to clench my teeth and tell myself, “Hang in there, you can do this!


         Think positive– 

        There’s no alternative to it. You have to have a positive mind before you go through all this. Positive thoughts increase positive energy. 
        Read this article to see how your psychology can affect your biology.


             Physical preparation- 

          •  Clothing– Set aside loose cotton clothes (pajamas are better option) for the post operative period.
          •  It’s better if you cut your nails short and take off the nail polish before the surgery. If you are unwell to do so, ask someone to do it for you.
          • If possible, shampoo your hair the day before and tie it (if you have long hair) on the day of surgery.
          •  Follow your doctor’s advice– Your doctor is going to instruct you what you should do and eat before the operation. FOLLOW IT.
          • Get rest– Good night’s rest is really helpful before the surgery. If you are anxious & in pain and can’t sleep, talk to the doctor and ask for a medicine. If your health condition doesn’t permit a sleeping pill then just relax and try to rest.

          Post operative care-

          Done with the surgery?

          Now comes the part of healing and true persistence. If you are complication free and your recovery is normal & progressive then CONGRATULATIONS!

          The hard part is over!

          Sometimes you are going to have better days and some days will be painful. It depends on your body, your mental force and your ability to follow the instructions your doctor has given you. So,

          •   Take rest as long as the doctor has advised. Abstain from any heavy activity or exercise during this period.
          •   Take normal healthy diet along with the medicines. Drink lots of water. It takes time to heal. So be patient and optimistic.
          •   Visit or consult your doctor if you see or feel something unusual regarding your body. It includes-
            Severe pain,
            Abnormal swelling,
            Difficulty in breathing,
            Abnormal bleeding.

          I hope and pray for your quick recovery!


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          NoOne March 16, 2012 - 8:21 am

          Long since I could get back in this weekend, and thanks for your resourceful advisory, but you know what I love the images best

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          Great advice! I hope you are feeling better today! Hang in there.


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