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Five things Friday- #2

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

End of the month, woohoo! As we wrap up the school year and gear up for the summer activities, I have come to realize how much rushed I always feel when it’s school season. It’s like “go-go-go” all the time! I feel my neither my kids nor I has learned to stop and calm down properly. Do you feel like that?

This month’s 5 things are as follows:

1. Remember I talked about Marigold skincare products in my last article? Well, I am their affiliate now! Yay! Since I absolutely love their products, I could not pass the opportunity to involve with the brand even more. You can use my code sifascorner20 to get 20% off of their products. Go to Marigold Salve website and use the code.

Marigold Salve

2. I did a webinar! Well, it’s not first for me, but the topic is extremely personal and important to me. I teamed up with @revertmomlife from Instagram for her special Ummihood community and presented my views on how to create a routine and start a healthy lifestyle as a Muslim mother. I also shared my 15 time management tips tailored for Muslim mothers.
Talking about building a healthy life while focusing on our faith is extremely personal and sacred to me, so the experience was exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time.

3. I have started working with plants. Well, I am not using the term “gardening” because my plants are still young and budding. It’s been 2 months since I started the seeds, and there are so many things to learn! The high school botany classes are coming in handy. I love the sprouting peppers, cilantro, and onion leaves.

4. School ended this week, so that means lots of summer activities for my kids to keep them entertained, educated …… which means it will need me to be more active and vigilant. If you are in the same position, we got this momma! This summer my focus is to engage my child with physical and creative activities as much as possible.

5. Can not end this article without mentioning something extremely personal! I have started wearing hijab from the month of Ramadan this year. After some trial and error, I have discovered my favorite material is Jersey cotton. I have bought some basic solid colors from 3 brands for my collection.
> Haute Hijab– bamboo woven hijab- summer and premium Jersey hijab- thicker material- any weather.
> Zahraa the Label– Jersey hijab (all season, especially colder temperatures).
> Voile Chic– instant bamboo ribbed Jersey hijab- summer.

Haute hijab
Zahraa the label

Zahraa The Label Jersey hijabs feel softer, opaque & in the heavier side. Haute Hijab premium jerseys are almost identical to these but somehow Zahra is more silkier. And Voile Chic instant bamboo hijabs are soft, lightweight, breezy and made specially for summer months. Wearing hijab is surely a big adjustment and a beautiful journey with our spirituality and I am so thankful that I have found some impressive options to help me in this process.

I hope you can have a great start for summer. Until my next one stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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