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Five things Friday- #1

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

It feels like I am opening my blog after ages! From the end of January I have been battling a lot of things, specifically health-wise. So I needed to stop whatever I was planning and doing and focus on getting better as much as possible.

Let’s get started.

1. I have given it a lot of thought for more than a year and finally I have realized how I can utilize my platform and voice in a truly meaningful way. Lord knows I have been struggling for a long time, I could not see which way should I go, career-wise. Though I am not leaving my job as a content creator, I will stop doing things that make me uncomfortable and focus more on the things that I am good at or give me joy ( for example, writing, working on art and crafts).

2. You can not imagine how neglected my skin and hair have been from past year. Though I am seeing the benefits of using less styling products on hair, my skin has been extra dry, the wrinkles have been more prominent. Specially my hands are so dry, the tip of the fingers and knuckles bleed easily when scratched. I have slathered hand creams, Aquaphor…. They work temporarily. Then I discovered Marigold salve and oil (not affiliated). They have been working so well! I will make a detailed review later on that.

5 months ago
Picture taken this week

3. I am walking every day for at least 30 minutes. Some days, I struggle to do any movement; some days, the walk makes me feel better and energized. I have set a “steps” goal on my smartwatch, and each month I add more steps to that goal. Right now, I am at 6000 steps daily. It doesn’t sound much, but with my constant shoulder, back, and foot pain- I am proud of this achievement.

4. I have started painting, again. I used to paint a lot before my illness made my life upside down. I have started with acrylic painting and already finished some small projects for my home. Though it is killing my arms, but oh my! My heart is so happy!

5. Since having my recent health emergency (Kidney-related), I have been mindful of my diet and water intake. I am astonished at how little water I was taking and how much I had disregarded the salt and meat intake every day. I guess when you get a reality check, your outlook changes drastically. Specially running to the emergency room at the break of dawn with 2 drowsy kids and excruciating pain will definitely set your priorities straight.

Have you started doing anything that you feel happy? Do share with us below.

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