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My Real Life Tips to Manage Chronic Foot Pain

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

As much as I would like to pretend that the gray hairs on my head are just style statements…. They are, in fact, another reminder that my body is indeed getting old, and I need to adjust my lifestyle accordingly. This summer, I spent pretty much all the time wearing special walking boots and doing physical therapy for my emerging foot problems. 6 months later, I am still struggling, and I have realized this chronic foot pain is going to be another “rest of the life” problem.

I have extremely flat feet, to begin with. This, plus the added pregnancy weight from last year, was causing extra pressure and making them even flatter. So, I developed severe Tendinitis. It was so painful that I could not walk without support, and I could not put any pressure on the affected foot. So, I saw a podiatrist, and I have been following their suggestions every day.

To manage the pain and difficulty of walking, I have to take some extra steps (pun intended). If you are suffering from chronic foot pain, I believe today’s tips are going to help you.

Tips to Manage Chronic Foot Pain:

Add shoe inserts:

Shoe inserts are an easy and affordable way to see if your foot needs the extra support. Flat foot, Plantar Fascitis, and other conditions that cause foot pain can be managed with a shoe insert. Here are some quick tips to find the best one for you.

  • Shoe inserts will be structured differently according to your needs. For example, there are shoe inserts for walking, running, standing all day, and sports. You get to decide what kind of activities you are choosing.
  • Some brands offer custom-made shoe inserts (costly), and you can also go for premade inserts (affordable).
  • The “arch” part of the insert will depend on your foot arch. Start with the lowest arch profile, give your foot time to adjust to the structure, and gradually go higher.
  • It feels “off” to wear inserts for the first time and walk. Give it some time. Generally, after 2-3 days, it feels normal and comfortable. If it still feels awkward and, more importantly, painful, stop wearing them and talk to your doctor or get a new insert.

Without the proper support, I feel a sharp pain while walking barefoot. So, I have tried 4-5 types of inserts in these past months to find the ones that work best for my foot. Here are 2 inserts I am using every day.

Currex Foot Insert: Ergonomically designed, it fits as a glove, perfect for all-day wear. I am using Curex LIFEFIT™ Insoles in Low profile. These insoles are for everyday relief & support. Since my doctor asked me to wear supporting shoes all the time, I wear these inserts with my home shoes. They are full inserts (unlike the one mentioned below), extremely comfortable, and they do not feel heavy or hot when you are wearing them all day.

rorpove Arch Support Inserts: Affordable, comes with 3 arch profiles, easily washable. These are the ones I am wearing outside. I have been walking 30 minutes every day (it’s a big accomplishment for me in 2023, and that’s a story for another post). I started with the lowest arch profile (green), and now I am wearing the medium arch (orange). Since they are on the affordable side, I can easily replace them if they are worn out.

Shoe inserts for chronic foot pain

Find specially made shoes for your foot problem:

I have always chosen shoes for their comfort, but now the priorities have changed, and “foot support” is the first thing on that list. There are many brands making shoes specially for troubled foot. Look for shoes with thicker soles, arch support, and shock absorption capabilities. For the last 4 months, I have been wearing KURU FOOTWEAR. I am wearing their Quest boots, and truly, they are worth the money! Amazing for walking, running, and standing all day. I am so impressed by the one I am wearing that I am going to order a couple of other designs from this brand.

P.S. Kuru boots do not need inserts, but due to my severe condition, my doctor asked me to add some inserts to whatever shoe I am wearing. So, I wear my Kuru boots with the above-mentioned shoe inserts.

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Compression socks to manage chronic foot pain

Compression socks are not only for the old and sick, but they are game changers if you utilize them properly. I wear them at the end of the day, and they ease the foot pain. I don’t know how, but it helps. I use these kinds of half compression socks, and also these full compression socks for leg pain.

Final tip to manage chronic foot pain: Physical therapy

Last but not least, when all the above tips are not working- go for Physical Therapy. They have special tools and knowledge to help you with your chronic foot pain. I have been working with my physical therapist for the last 4-5 months (I absolutely love her!). She has been helping me out with my Thoracic Outlet Syndrome pain and also the foot pain. I use her techniques at home with this affordable massage tool when the chronic foot pain gets aggravated. It helps a lot!

I am trying diligently to manage this condition so that it does not get out of control. If you are also suffering, I feel you! Do you have any more tips to add? Please feel free to share below. I am here to talk!

Tips to Manage Chronic Foot Pain

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