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How I am Updating My Wardrobe with Timeless Classics

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Seasons change, mood changes, people change, and yes… I have changed too. Before I get too cryptic let me tell you how. Recently I moved to our own house, and you know with moving to a new place comes packing, unpacking and reevaluating your whole life, cursing your spur-of-the-moment-purchases-which-are-engulfing-your-wardrobe.

I had no idea what I bought 10 years ago which was hiding in a corner of my closet. I still have my prepregnancy jeans from high-end brands, hoping one day I will fit into the jeans. My closet is full of clothes I no longer wear, like, or my style. I have literally and figuratively outgrown those.

I realized I should have a pep-talk with myself. The jeans should fit me, not the other way around. The lace blouse or neon green tops I bought, I am no longer that person. The glitter and stone embellished tops that can be seen through space are no longer practical. So it’s high time I sit down, make notes, create “keep-toss-donate” piles and update my wardrobe.

I am not going to start buying for the sake of buying, I am going to invest in quality material within my budget. When I was making my note I realized I will be needing 7 kinds of timeless classic items to update the wardrobe and make it more “me”.

If you are struggling with your personal style after giving birth, a major life change or just because… I have got you covered.

Trench Coats

The classic Burberry trench coat is possibly one of the most well-known timeless trends. But, I do not want to invest that much in a piece of clothing. I have found there are tons of high-end trench coats that are far more affordable. Since I live in cold-dominant North Dakota, I am planning to choose a quality fabric like suede, velvet, or leather. These fabrics can last decades before signs of slight wear and tear start showing.

Havana Dresses

I have recently come across this timeless classic Havana dress. These dresses look flattering for all body shapes, fun enough for casual gatherings, and formal enough for the office. These dresses are also exceptionally easy to accessorize with a belt, a statement piece of jewelry, and a pair of loafers. If you are into modest style like me, wear it with leggings or skinny jeans or wear your regular tank top, jeans and use this indigo Havana dress as a coverup on top.

The Little Black Dress

Every wardrobe needs a little black dress for date nights, evenings out, and even formal events. Having 1-2 pieces of well-fitted black cocktail dresses like a silk slip dress, bodycon, and other simplistic designs will never go out of style. I can easily dress up or down in a basic black dress, depending on the occasion. I can layer it for warmth, variation or modesty.

Dress Shirts

I have realized my wardrobe needs crisp, clean cotton button-down shirts. I can wear them as it is or with a T-shirt or tank top underneath. It’s perfectly suitable for work but can also be dressed down with a pair of blue denim jeans and leather loafers or simple stiletto heels.

Black Pumps And Loafers

Whether you prefer black ballerina pumps or classy black loafers, these basic shoes are timeless classics that pair well with just about any outfit. For shoes, you should definitely invest in a quality piece. Ill-fitted shoes cause long-term physical problems which I do not want to add to my list of chronic conditions.

Denim Jackets

Acid-wash denim jackets might have re-emerged as an 80s throwback trend, but classic blue denim jackets have been in-style for far longer. These jackets are perfect for casual outfits and colder weather. You could pair your denim jacket with a white dress shirt and tights for a casual look or with your little black dress for a fun evening out.

Plain T-Shirts

Of course, no wardrobe is complete without a few plain T-shirts for loungewear and casual outfits. Choose high-quality cotton fabric and avoid printed t-shirts that will fade and go out of style pretty soon.
Fun fact: Browse the men’s section for basic white or black T-shirts. They work amazingly as a layering piece during wintertime.

If you are going to upgrade your wardrobe, do not buy all the things at the same time. Wait for deals, and sales and keep an eye out for affordable options or your favorite styles. With a little patience, practice and a lot of internet browsing you surely can update your outdated wardrobe to a timeless classic.

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