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Leather jacket styling tips for Spring

How to Style Leather Jackets for Spring

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Oh, Spring!!! Just thinking about birds chirping, no heavy winter clothing, and iced coffee makes my heart happy. One of my favorite outfit staples from Spring is Leather Jackets. A leather jacket can instantly update the whole look and makes a fashion statement. If you are a leather jacket-pro or a newbie, you can follow some leather jacket styling tips to look your best this season.

Leather jacket styling tips for Spring:

Long or Short?

The key here is to focus on the parts of your body that you want to flaunt and what vibe you want your outfit to give. It also depends on your style choices. You can go for a fitted jacket, cropped or a loose-fitting jacket. I prefer a well-fitted jacket that ends near my waist. You can pair a cropped leather jacket with a bralette to flaunt your waist. Or you can wear a loose-fitting one for a more relaxed style.

You can pair it with skin-hugging denim and a plain tee-shirt, button-down shirt, or even tank tops. Like any other piece of clothing, keep your silhouette in mind while choosing and styling a leather jacket.

Skirts/Dress + Leather Jacket

I love to pair a skirt with a leather jacket. You can choose any length you like; my personal choice is a maxi skirt or a midi skirt. You can pick a skirt with irregular hemlines and even a dress. Don’t be afraid to experiment here.

Quick tip: Pair a summertime long maxi dress with a leather jacket. You are spring-ready! Read more on 6 Ways to Wear Midi Skirts without Sacrificing the Warmth.

Say Yes to- Pop Of Color

By pop of color, I mean either a colorful leather jacket or a colorful piece of clothing with your black leather jacket. There are so many options to choose from! Moody blue, emerald green, canary yellow to passionate red- every leather jacket color can look equally stunning.

Quick tip: You can save some money if you invest in a good quality Black leather jacket and pair it with a bright top or bottom. In this way, you can change the color combination and create different looks with the same jacket.

Pair it With Silks

Silk and leather are like peanut butter and jelly! You can wear a silk blouse or a silk slip dress with a leather jacket. It creates a sensual fusion of softness and edginess. You can finish off the attire with long heels and some smokey eyes.

Mix Patterns & Prints

Mixing prints and patterns can be daunting and that’s where those pretty Instagram or Pinterest pictures come in handy. So while mixing prints with the leather jacket, go for one item with patterns.

For example, mix a patterned skirt or pants with a neutral (white or beige) silk top or a patterned blouse with blue jeans. Then you can add a black leather jacket on top with a black or tan shoe. Perfection! Here you can read more on How to Style Maxi Skirt Without Looking Bulky.

Go risqué!

If your personal style is all about risqué fashion, you can mix lingerie and lace with a leather jacket. I have seen ladies wearing lacy corsets and bralettes with their leather jackets, and they looked stunning!

If you are more on the modest styling like me, you can wear the corset or bralette over a plain white t-shirt or button-down shirt and top it off with the jacket.

Befriend Shapewear Like Second Skin

Shapewear, like my go-to essential Shapermint Empetua® All Day Every Day Scoop Neck Cami, is a great way to flaunt your body. Pair it with a black or even a colorful leather jacket, and you are good to go! You can go to this link and use my code WASIFACREW20 to get an extra 20% off. (Affiliate).

You can also try body suits shown in the widget below:

Don’t forget the shoes!

Shoes can make or break your entire outfit! If you are into high heels like Carrie Bradshaw or a ballet flats lover- the key is to find something you will feel comfortable and your best. Because at the end of the day, no matter how pricey that pair of shoe is, it’s not going to look like part of your wardrobe if you are not comfortable in it. Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and comfort.

In a nutshell………

Leather jackets are essential in your capsule wardrobe. Over time I have collected 2 leather jackets: 1 black leather and 1 grey one. I wear them around Spring and also on Summer nights. If you can take proper care of your leather jacket, it will last a long time. I will discuss more on that in a new article.

Do you have a leather jacket? Share your favorite leather jacket styling tips with us below!

Leather jacket styling tips for Spring

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