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My Everyday Working from Home Outfit Ideas (Chronic Illness Friendly)

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

If you clicked on this article, it’s probably you are already working from home or you are giving it a thought. After the pandemic, our work dynamic has changed a lot, and one of the most Googled topics has been working from home (WFH) outfit ideas.

The first instinct is to stay in the PJs all day and work on the computer. After all, who is going to see us? Am I right?

I get the temptation, I would be lying if I say I get out of my PJs, put on something decent and start my work in the morning, every-single-day. Some days I am too tired and my pain level is on the higher side and some days I feel better and want to do better. These are the days I will change my usual home clothes and put on sweatshirts and leggings or something else. I am constantly trying to improve my habit and do this every workday. It just gives me an extra boost to start my day with a positive mental note.

If you have been following my fashion section for a while you may notice that my personal style is all about comfort and modesty. For my work and running errands outfits, I go for sweatshirts, pullovers, knits, t-shirts leggings, and in warm weather- long flowy skirts or dresses. Here are some of my favorite and go-to working from home outfit ideas. Bonus: these are totally chronic illness friendly!

Working from Home Outfit Ideas:


Whether it’s a short-sleeved t-shirt or a long-sleeve tee, I love how I can take a simple t-shirt from super-casual to night-out. I am not into too much graphics on my t-shirt, but I love a simple basic color as well as something colorful.

Button-down shirts:

I LOVE a pretty button-down shirt. I can either wear it on its own or pair it with a solid-colored tee. Sometimes I also “borrow” my husband’s casual button-down shirt. I feel like there’s something effortless and beautiful in an oversized cotton button-down shirt.

Leggings and Sweatpants:

Generally, I will wear them with my Shapermint Empetua High Waisted Shaping leggings. You can use my code WASIFACREW20 to save an additional 20% off your purchase. While choosing the leggings, I look for neutral solid color in brown, black, or navy. In this way, I can wear them with any t-shirt or top.
I also like to wear sweatpants which are comfortable and stylish enough to take my outfit from home to the street.

Sweaters and Knits:

North Dakota is undoubtedly COLD. Wearing a sweater or knit every day is just part of my outfit now. I adore cashmere as they can give an extra layer of warmth without the bulkiness. Crew and scoop necks are great for wearing with jeans. I also love V necks, but sometimes they can get too revealing. This is where I layer with my Halftee layering T-shirt for modesty. (You can use my code sifascorner for 20% off).

Maxi Dress:

Some days when I am feeling extra fancy, I will wear a flowy cotton maxi dress with a cardigan at home and wear a heavier jacket if I am going out.

It’s fun and refreshing to change up the outfit while working from home. Nobody needs to see it, but how you look creates an impression on how you feel. And how you are feeling at the moment will increase your productivity and creativity. So go ahead, change those PJs and wear something nice. You can thank me later!

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What’s your go-to working from home outfit? Share with us below!

Working from Home Outfit Ideas

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