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What kind of gifts do men love on Valentine’s Day? (ft. Lucleon Leather Laptop Bag)

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Even if you have spent a decade with a person, it’s still hard choosing a gift for them. I have known my husband since 2003, but I still get confused about what to pick for him for special occasions. So if you are having doubts about your gift-giving ability like me, today I will help you out. Without all the fluff and keeping it family-friendly, I have broken down how to choose a gift for men and which products I love. So enjoy the 2022 gift ideas for men!

Gift Ideas for Men:


Let’s start with the basics! A well-structured and durable laptop bag looks professional and worth investing money in. No matter which profession he is in, every man needs a bag that will help him look “cleaned up.” This year I got Montreal Brown Leather Laptop Bag from Trend Him for my husband. I love this shade of brown, and I know the way he takes care of his things; this will last him a LONG time. So it’s a worthy investment. Here’s what I love about this bag:

  • 5 parallel full-length compartments
  • 2 modes of transport: the twin carry handles and the detachable adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Genuine buffalo leather.
  • The brown shade of the leather gives an organic and natural look. It’s timeless, classic and can be styled for a formal or casual look.
  • I love how versatile the whole look is. My husband has used this to carry his work essential during travel too, works great!

This bag can hold the laptop, tablet, and other work essentials perfectly with a firm yet carefully crafted structure.

The 2 modes of transport make it easy to carry. So whether you are running out of time to catch your bus or driving to your office, they will have you covered.

Ample space to carry the everyday work essentials in 5 spacious compartments.


Whether he is a coffee or tea drinker, a sturdy insulated drinkware is a must-have! My husband takes his morning coffee from home, so I got us a set of insulated drinkware with handles. When choosing one, look for something substantial, easy to grip, and will not break into million pieces if it slips from hand.


If you want my honest opinion, very few men know precisely what they need. They know they want “something” and some of them will go on without thinking about the aesthetic factor of that “something.” And here comes the womanly touch. You will often see them scratching their faces and looking for something to use on their skin. So introduce them to some good skincare products—nothing fancy, just something effective and affordable. (Men can’t fathom the idea of buying an $80 jar of cream only for face). Many brands make products specifically for men’s skin, but I have found that it doesn’t make much difference. If your man has the same skin type as you, he can start his skincare regime by sharing some of your products. If they suit his skin, you can get him his own products. Some of our favorite skincare products for men are as follows:


If your man is someone who will wear the same t-shirt and jeans everywhere, it’s time for you to step in and make him a capsule wardrobe. You can just get him the basics in neutral colors, for example, black or white plain t-shirts, zip-up hoodie for casual days, a solid color shirt for either formal or informal wear, a pair of dress pants and casual pants or jeans, and an outwear. For shoes- a casual, one formal and something for running errands. You can add the accessories (hat, belt, gloves) as needed.


A gift concept is not “one size fits all.” You will need to improvise the gift according to that specific person. For example, the perfume I will give my husband will not be the same one for my dad. They both love perfumes, but their choices are north pole and south pole.

Suggested read: My Top Perfume Gift Ideas for Him from Kohl’s

So here are some tips to make your selection process easier:

  • What’s his hobby? How much time does he spend on it? eg.: if he loves books but does not like the bulk nor has the excess time to sit down and read one, try Amazon Audible. He can listen to the book and enjoy his time.
  • Is he an outdoor or indoor person? There’s no point of giving someone, who is into regular outdoor sports, a ring that can be lost or damaged. So opt for a silicone ring like Silicone Rings by Groove Life. I personally use their silicone stackable rings (review here) and I have been wearing them till today…without any scratch or tear. This made me realize my husband needs one too! So he is using the Zeus Trainer ring.
  • Does he already have a personal care system? If so, how much is he willing to change or upgrade it?
  • Is he into animals and has a pet? Try out the many options for pet here on Amazon. He will love them!
  • Is he into building stuffs with his hands? Why not try something from the home improvement options?
  • Does he like video games? If yes, and you do not know much about video games, take a look at these gaming options. If you are not sure which one he will like, just ask. That’s the safe choice.

Last but not least, check out the return policy before buying the gift, no matter what you choose. So that he can exchange that for something else if he is not too excited about the present. Happy shopping! You can check my previous gift guide for men, for more gift ideas,

What are you getting for the men in your life this year? Share your gift ideas below!

gift ideas for men

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