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How To Decorate Home With Plants & Flowers

How To Decorate Home With Plants & Flowers (If You Are A Beginner)

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Happy Tuesday, dear reader! Since I am moving to a new and bigger place, I have started browsing home decor ideas. especially, how to decorate home with plants & flowers. I want my daughter to grow a sense of home decor and a love for plants. As a beginner, I am learning as much as I can from experts, and I have come across some excellent and beginner-friendly tips on how to start the process.

Gone were the days when plants and flowers were only for in lawns and backyards. Today, many homeowners use plants and flowers to decorate different parts of the house—and you can easily do the same even if you’re a beginner at decorating, just like me. 

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a green thumb or a pro at decorating if you want to beautify your home using plants and flowers. Here are the tips I have come across which will help you improve the aesthetics of your home using plants and flowers. 

How To Decorate Home With Plants, Flowers:

Match Your Plants To Achieve A Cohesive Look

There’s nothing wrong with buying different types of plants and flowers, but if you’re using these as decors, pay attention to the kind you’re buying, adding plants that clash with your home’s theme or architecture will make your space look cluttered.

When decorating with plants and flowers, choose types that suit the look of your home. For example, if you want to achieve a mid-century modern look for the holidays, consider making a Christmas flower arrangement with Fiddle Leaf Fig and then pair it with tall-legged planters. 

To mimic the ambiance and appearance of farmhouses, opt to decorate with functional plants, such as aloe vera or herbs, and then place them in vintage metal planters. Succulents and Arrowhead Vines are also great options to create a farmhouse theme.

By aiming to create a cohesive look, you’ll know which plants to get and ensure that you don’t go overboard with the decors. This will make it easier for you to start decorating your home.  

Use High-Humidity Plants For Your Bathroom

The bathroom might be the last place you’ll think of when decorating with plants and flowers, but it’s a perfect space for greeneries that enjoy high humidity. Plants and flowers that thrive in humidity can grow even in fluctuating temperatures and lots or little sunlight—common conditions present in most bathrooms.

There are many ways to decorate your bathroom with plants and flowers. Depending on the size of the space, you can place a few pots of Orchids, Snake Plants, or Chinese Evergreen on your sink or hang ferns above your tub or shower. You can also use your bathroom shelves to display vibrant greens in colorful containers.

Make A Statement Using An Oversized Plant

Who says you have to grow different types of plants to add pops of colors to your interiors? You can actually use one oversized plant as the centerpiece of a living area, dining room, or bedroom.

Aside from being cheaper (as you don’t have to buy and look after many plants), using an oversized plant as your décor is ideal if you have limited space at home. By adding one plant, you don’t need to make drastic changes to your current floor plan—you can simply place the plant in one corner of the room, and you’re good to go!

Some large houseplants you can use as decors are: Monstera, Rubber Tree, Croton, Birds Of Paradise, and Olive Tree. If you want to bring more color to the space, Dracaena Marginata is a great option because its leaves have red edges.

Use Unique Containers

Instead of placing your plants and flowers in store-bought pots, opt to use attractive containers. Using different types of containers will catch the attention of your guests and make unique centerpieces in your home. 

Swap blah-looking pots for old glass jars, perfume bottles, or vintage vases. If you have a knack for DIY crafts, you can even use old books as a planter by cutting a hole in the center. You can also use old mason jars, coffee bags, or old cans of paint.

Add Plants To Plain-looking Walls

If your home feels boring because of too many plain-looking walls, add some hanging plants or dried-up flowers. It will add interest, color, and personality to your home.

For example, if you have white walls in your living area, look for planters in the same color, place plants inside, and then hang them on your walls. This simple hack will surely make the space more visually attractive! 

If you want to take it up a notch, you can also install shelves on the bare wall and place small plants and flowers. This option provides flexibility because you can choose the size and type of shelf to install, as well as the type of plants and flowers you want to use. 

home decor with plants

Mobilize Plants And Flowers

If you don’t want to welcome your guests with the same décor as their last visit, place planters on wheels. This unique decorating hack allows you to move plants and flowers in different areas of the house, making every space feel special. 

Mobilizing your plants and flowers will make it very easy for you to move them around whenever a certain room gets too cold or humid. Plus, you won’t have any problems placing your plants and flowers outdoors for sunlight. 

Moving plants around your home will make every room feel livelier, which can impact your mood and keep you healthier. This is especially true if you choose to place bright-colored plants, like Purple Velvet Plant and Peperomia

How To Decorate Home With Plants & Flowers

Let It All Hang Out

Unlike other decors, plants and flowers are versatile because you can choose from a wide variety of options. And if your home has limited floor space, you can simply look for plants that thrive better when hung and then place them in colorful hanging planters.

Some of the best indoor hanging plants you can use as decorations are Air Plants, Arrowhead Plants, Bird’s Nest Fern, Boston Fern, and Burro’s Tail. Chenille Plants and Devil’s Ivy are also excellent options as these plants look elegant indoors and are easy to care for. 

As for the containers, you can choose to place these hanging plants in a macramé or wooden baskets. You can also use a natural wood round and then hang it using a simple rope. 

In a nutshell……Maximize Plants And Flowers Today!

I hope you loved these top tips I have found on how to decorate a home with Plants and Flowers, but you can find many inspirations online to help you decorate your home using plants and flowers. If you are unsure about adding a live plant, add fake ones. For the visual planners, check out my Pinterest for more ideas. Happy decorating!

Do you or are you planning to use plants and flowers in your home? Which one is your most favorite tip from above? Let us know below.

How To Decorate Home With Plants & Flowers

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