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Luxury Skincare ELEMIS

Luxury Skincare ELEMIS- Review, Product Picks

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Happy First day of June! Last week I posted on my Instagram asking to pick one: Luxury makeup or Luxury skincare. Many people leaned towards skincare. Though I would never ask anyone to go over your budget, spend it on skincare if you have money to spend.
Let me tell you why:

  • You can find color/texture dupes for a makeup product. e.g., if you ask me to show dupe for a true neutral medium red lipstick, I can probably show you at least 5 that I know of.
  • Ingredients are, of course, important, but at the end of the day, you are going to wash off the makeup. Your skincare products will get absorbed, and they will work on your skin layers. Generally, our skin comes in contact with skincare products longer than makeup products, so it’s wise to invest in luxury skincare- for the long run.

When using a luxury skincare brand, I want it to feel rich and moisturizing on my skin. I want it to have a pleasant mild smell and something that will not feel like “sitting on top.” I also want it to work under my makeup without making me look like a grease ball. So you know, I have a lot of expectations when I am investing in a luxury skincare product.

One of my most favorite luxury skincare brands is ELEMIS. I have been using their products for almost a year, and I can feel the difference whenever I use them. If you are in your mid-30s and looking to invest in some great skincare products, I have got you covered. I have teamed up with Shopstyle and ELEMIS to help you pick some skincare essentials from the brand.

Luxury Skincare ELEMIS:

ELEMIS is the #1 Luxury British Skincare Brand. I have been using their Pro collagen Marine Cream, Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask, Superfood Facial Oil and Pro-Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm for a year. Recently I have started using the Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads, and they are also pretty good. Here’s what you need to know about each of them:

ELEMIS Pro collagen Marine Cream:

This is “An anti-wrinkle moisturizer that is clinically proven to improve hydration, leaving skin looking and feeling firmer and more radiant. “ The cream feels silky, glides on smoothly on the skin, and leaves skin feeling nourished and moisturized. On my day-to-day basis, I spend most of the time indoors and work at my table on my computer [*cough* #BloggerLife]. Just close to my workspace we have our patio door and it lights up the whole space. And also, as I am undergoing laser hair removal treatment (you can read about it here), my skin gets sensitive around sunlight and it quite dry. So this moisturizing cream with SPF is perfect for my condition for every day.

Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask:

This mask is a rich gel-like product, and as you can see from the picture below, I am halfway to hitting the pan. I use it mostly day time and sometimes at night. Generally, I use products with retinol or vitamin C for nighttime, so this eye product is perfect for my indoor lifestyle in the daytime. You will be needing a tiny amount, as it’s quite rich and thicker than most eye creams. After I use it in the morning, it keeps the eye area moisturized and plump till I wash it off at night.
While I didn’t see any drastic changes in puffiness and dark circles, it makes the eye area look less dry the skin around there more nourished.

Superfood Facial Oil:

If you want to get just one product from ELEMIS, try this one. This is one of the best facial oils out there, and I am saying this after using many…many facial oils available in the market- both affordable and high-end. The smell feels “pleasant plant-based,” which is the only way to describe what I smell every day. This highly concentrated oil formula is made with a blend of 9 Superfood Oils, including Broccoli, Rosehip, Flaxseed, and Daikon Radish, to nourish the skin.

You can use it on its own for a beautiful, healthy glow and on top of your regular moisturizer for extra nourishment. I’m not particularly eager to use oil for the daytime, so I use it in the evening. Sometimes I like to use a face roller after using the oil, and the whole face feels so relaxed and rejuvenated! I use 2-3 drops to cover my face and neck. I have used it in colder months and also in warmer months.
It does not feel tacky, thick, or “too much” on the skin. It is lightweight and absorbs beautifully. Though I have seen that facial oils are pretty much an acquired taste- many people do not like to use oils, for those who do, this will be amazing!

Pro-Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm:

Cleansing balms are great for taking off waterproof makeup without tugging or scratching. ELEMIS cleansing balm is thick, rich, and effective at taking off stubborn mascara, lash glue, glitters, or those 24-hours wear liquid lipsticks without irritating the skin.
The mineral oil-free formula infuses Rose and Mimosa waxes with Elderberry, Starflower and Optimega™ Oils. Its unique blend of 9 essential oils including Lavender, Chamomile and Eucalyptus smell like heaven in a jar to invigorate the senses.

On an everyday basis, if you wear light makeup, you can use your regular micellar water to take off the makeup, but for those days when you are wearing a full face of makeup, a cleansing balm like this will make the whole process easier and hassle free. Bonus: it will leave your skin silky smooth and supple.

Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads:

This product is a new addition to my skincare ritual. If you are new to the concept, resurfacing pads are pre-soaked pads sealed in a large plastic tub and soaked with liquid skincare products. ELEMIS resurfacing pads are formulated with Lactic Acid and Probiotic Ferment Complex; they are clinically proven to accelerate skin’s natural cell turnover in 28 days. They work well as both physical and chemical exfoliators. You have to use it after washing and drying your face.

These are pretty handy to use, and you will need to close the lid properly so that the product doesn’t dry out. The pads have 2 sides: textured and smooth. I like to use the smooth side on my face and the textured side on my neck. I use it 1-2 times weekly, and on those days, I do not use any other exfoliant on my skin. You can see the skin will be looking smoother and “cleaner” after using the pad.

women ELEMIS skincare for mid 30s

Top product picks from ELEMIS:

Here are some other products from ELEMIS you can look into:

Pro-Collagen Marine Moisture Essentials
Superfood Favourites
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream
Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask
Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm
Superfood Facial Oil
Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads
Pro-Collagen Favourites
Pro-Collagen Duo
Pro-Collagen Marine Oil
Limited Edition Pro-Collagen Marine Cream 100ml Supersize
Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich
Pro-Collagen Water Mint Cleansing Balm
ULTRA SMART Pro-Collagen Night Genius
Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal
Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment
Online Exclusive Pro-Collagen Essentials Collection
Pro-Collagen Naked Cleansing Balm

In a nutshell……

After a turbulent 2020, we realized how important self-care is, and investing in skincare products is nothing but self-care. You deserve it; your skin needs it. And the luxury skincare ELEMIS products are the perfect choice for that.

ELEMIS superfood facial oil
Luxury Skincare ELEMIS review

**The items featured in this post were provided by the brand for review. This does not affect my opinion of the item.**

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