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Sunglasses For Hair Color- Which One to Pick and Why?

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Warm weather is upon us, which means you are definitely going to grab your sunglasses more often. But do you know your sunglasses can be more flattering if you can be a little mindful while shopping for them?
Frame style and shape matter when you are choosing the best sunglasses for your outfit. However, there are other factors worth considering. Just like choosing the right pair of sunglasses to balance your face shape, your hair color should also be considered when deciding the color of the lenses and frames.
If you can pick the right sunglasses for your hair color, they will be the perfect addition to your ensemble and make you feel even more confident.

Sunglasses For Different Hair Colors:

Blonde or Lighter Hair

Whether you’re a natural blonde or sport a lighter hair color, a great pair of black sunglasses will help balance your look. Light hair needs contrast. In case you have lighter hair with a cool undertone, dark grays and blues will suit you well. If you have light hair with a warm undertone, opt for dark greens and rich red.

Subtle shades like pink and baby blue work well for those with blond hair. Even a light red will look fabulous, but only if you pair it with the right outfit. Sunglasses in pastel tones or with transparent frames also make a good match. If you are okay with looking at a bit daring, opt for a tortoiseshell frame or something dark and bold to counterbalance your lighter hair.

Red Hair

Red-haired people deserve sunglasses that are just as fiery, fun, and unique as they are. Since red hair color is so particular, warmer colors are best complemented, such as gold, copper, and browns. Nonetheless, many colors are compatible with red hair, including autumnal shades such as orange and copper. Pastel colors also look great.

If you fancy making a statement with your glasses or want to go bold with a stronger contrast, you can try shades of colder colors like blue and green. Green is a perfect choice if you have red hair, but you can also find some great matches in neutral, dark, and cream tones.

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Brunettes and Dark Hair

If you have brown hair with cool undertones, try matching blues and pinks in an understated style to green, purple, or white frames. The best shades for you ultimately depend on the shade of brown you sport. For instance, people with light brown hair will look stunning in black and blue frames. On the other hand, if you have dark brown hair, try turquoise frames.

If your hair is a dark shade, you don’t have to worry about undertones at all, as they tend to be uniform. If you want to make a statement, experiment with bold colors like neon green, or keep it classy with a classic black frame.

You can also opt for metallic shades, like gold, silver, or black, to pair with your dark hair. However, avoid pastel altogether as they might be lost on your hair color. If you feel a little daring and want to make your glasses stand out more, consider dramatic frames that come in bright colors like red, orange, and yellow. Those with dark locks can rock just about any frame color.

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Grey Hair

Whether you’ve opted to go naturally grey or bleached your locks to achieved this look, you’ll need to switch up your sunglass game. Choose something a little bright like red, navy, or dark blues. You should avoid earthy colors like brown, white, and muted yellows as they can be a bit draining and can make your skin look washed out. You can also try out a classing black frame and pair it with a red lip to make your greys stand out even more.

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In a nutshell, Why & How Should You Find the Right Sunglasses for Your Hair Color?

Sunglasses frame the face, and our hair is a big part of that face! While it is sometimes overlooked, the key to ensuring a sunglass style goes with your hair color is to find frames that bring out the natural undertones in your hair. For instance, Gucci sunglasses for women complement a variety of hair colors and styles. Due to the vast array of colors and undertones, matching your glasses to the undertone of your hair is challenging. In general, all you have to do is balance the two. 

If you are rocking your natural hair color, your skin tone and hair color tone will be in the same family- warm, cool, neutral. But if your hair color is somehow opposite to your skin tone, then a neutral tone will be the safest choice. To achieve a more striking look, find a frame in a color that complements and creates an exciting contrast to your hair and skin tone.

So in a nutshell,

  1. Try out the sunglasses in person or via virtual try-on.
  2. You should consider your face shape for the shape of the frames (here’s how).
  3. You will find the color that works best with your hair color (follow the above tips).
  4. Lastly, you should look at your hair/skin tone (warm, cool, neutral).

The “why” is simple, you are going to get the most return of your money when you choose a product that actually compliments you; sunglasses are no different! Picking a pair of sunglasses or glasses that suits you will not only look best, but you are going to feel the best too! Trust your gut feelings. While there are loose guidelines for matching your frames to your hair color, the right sunglasses for you will ultimately depend on your taste and preferences. Stay true to your style, and you can never go wrong.

How do you pick your sunglasses? If you follow any special tip, share with us below!

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