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Female-Founded Brands & Businesses You Should Check Out

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

My female readers, Happy International Women’s Day! I have always been vocal about female-founded brands and women-led businesses and supported them in my social media platforms. So it’s only fitting that I talk about some of the female-owned and led businesses. Without firther ado, let’s take a look at the list today!

Female-Founded Brands & Businesses:


Celebrated is passionate about making celebrations vibrant, creative, and fun. The crew is full of imagination and spark, which are evident in their curated boxes. No occasion is too big or too small for this bunch. They’re a helping hand throughout the year that you can turn to for supplies and advice. Best of all, most items are disposable, which is great for our current times (and fewer dishes to wash!).

Co-founders Jessi and Lindsey were two working moms with families and corporate careers. They loved creating memories, and with young families and friends, those memorable events came fast and often. Celebrated was born out of a need to solve event-organizing dilemmas. They knew there had to be a better way to plan events that didn’t leave them feeling frazzled and exhausted.

Female Founded Brands Businesses- Celebrated


Turmeric is the superfood that’s doing more than just trending among celebrities, health coaches, chefs, and during Veganuary. It’s helping consumers achieve an all-around healthier lifestyle in a few easy steps. It includes these simple ingredients: wildcrafted whole turmeric root, cold-pressed coconut oil, fresh lime juice, sea salt, and citric acid. That’s it! They use the whole root to create, and fresh turmeric paste that’s unlike the powered versions. This way, the natural compounds remain potent and intact.

Truly Turmeric by Naledo is the best-wildcrafted turmeric paste on earth, making a positive impact on your health, communities, and the environment. The Canadian company was started by the mother and daughter team of Umeeda and Nareena Switlo. While visiting Belize, they experienced the beautiful goodness of turmeric and began working with small-scale growers to develop the Truly Turmeric brand, providing a much-needed source of income for the farmers.

Truly Turmeric by Naledo

The Beem Box

More than a beauty box, the Beem Box aims to encourage and inspire the beauty within you! Makeup does not validate beauty, but rather it amplifies the true beauty that is already present. The Beem Box does its best to select products from brands that align with our belief that diversity and inclusion matter in beauty. They look for brands that offer perfect products for the brown-skinned beauties that subscribe to The Beem Box.

In stride with their mission of encouragement and empowerment, they also look to include products from Women-owned brands to uplift other female-owned businesses. Radiate, shine and beam with makeup uniquely chosen for brown-skinned beauties.

Female Founded Brands Businesses-The Beem Box

Bath Bean

The Bath Bean is a luxury accessory designed to keep you in one spot while bathing. The Bath Bean is a sleek silicone stopper that holds your body in a reclined position. No more slipping!

This releases body tension and allows your limbs to float for the ultimate weightless relaxation experience. Let the hot water do the work while you enter a state of pure bliss. The Bath Bean was invented by Tanya, a mom of two who loved taking baths during long Michigan winters but hated the uncomfortable feeling of her tailbone hitting the bottom of the tub, the tension of having to hold herself up, and the hassle of getting her hair wet when she’d inadvertently slip underwater.
Her young daughter had similar problems because her legs weren’t long enough to brace herself and prevent slipping. So, Tanya designed the Bath Bean to eliminate slipping and make the bathing experience enjoyable … like it’s supposed to be!

Female Founded Brands Businesses-The Bath Bean


Sangita created Ita Bonita after searching endlessly for a comfortable dress made from bright, happy, non-synthetic fibers that would look sexy on any body type and size. It just didn’t exist. So she sourced an all-natural fabric and created the cuts herself, producing unique fits that find the perfect balance between comfort and style. As Sangita says, “Every woman deserves to be herself and accept herself as she is. Embrace femininity, exude elegance, and feel comfortable in your skin, regardless of your age or size.” 

Female Founded Brands Businesses-ItaBonita

Simplicity Tea

Is there anything better than a cup of tea to curb our anxious times or help us get to sleep? Simplicity Teas doesn’t think so! There are so many health benefits to drinking tea – reduces high blood pressure, helps with anxiety, improves brain function, optimizes digestion, detoxes the body of waste, prevents heart disease – the list goes on and on.

With subscription services growing during quarantine, choose the one that has long-lasting health benefits. Each month, receive a package of artisan loose leaf teas (cancel any time). Each tea is created with a purpose such as optimized digestion, a mid-day pick-me-up, or a nighttime tincture. The first package also comes with a unique infuser.  

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Simplicity Tea

Emerson & Oliver

Emerson & Oliver was made for women who wear their jewelry 24/7. Go from day to evening with their stunning pieces, whether you’re in casual attire or dressed to the nines, and not worry about them rusting or tarnishing. Emerson & Oliver is a lifestyle brand started by two best friends who have shared a friendship for more than 25 years.

Owned and operated by Laura Bascomb-Werth and Mary Presutti, this quality collection has been inspired by their similar taste, interest in fashion, and distinct individual styles. This female-founded brand is known for its signature stainless steel spring Dia bracelets.

Emerson & Oliver

Are you a woman? Do you have a business or brand we can follow? Comment about your brands and businesses below!

female founded businesses

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