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Loungewear for Women

Cute & Comfortable Loungewear for Women for Valentine’s Day and beyond

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

If you ask me what my favorite outfit to wear is, I will say loungewear, without any doubt. These are comfortable, cute, and perfect for someone like me who works from home and has a chronic illness. Comfort and functionality are the main concern here. As many of us will be spending Valentine’s Day at home this year, I did a little digging and compiled a list of BEST and cutest loungewear for women.
So keep on reading to see how to choose loungewear and which one to choose.

Loungewear for Women:
How to Choose One?

Loungewear is not sleepwear; let’s that be clear. It leans towards a neutral palette and modal or cotton blends. It can consist of leggings, lounge pants, long-sleeve tees, tank tops, a cozy cardigan, and socks or slippers. For underwear, you can ditch the bras with an underwire and choose something comfortable that provides support. HYPEACH and H&M have some of the most comfortable options for loungewear.

While choosing a loungewear, look for 3F’s.

FABRICS: Natural fabrics such as cashmere, silk and cotton.

FIT: Something that is not loose like a sleepwear or snug like a party-wear. It should fit you properly without feeling too restricted.

FUNCTIONALITY: Choose something that goes with your style choices. If I ask you to wear a bralette, and you follow modest style, it won’t match very well, would it? So pick something functional according to your lifestyle.

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My Top Favorite Loungewear:

Colorwise, I like to wear fun and muted colors, equally, depending on my mood that day. As I have an extremely sensitive neck and chest area (an adverse side-effect after my 2 surgeries), I am cautious about the material and design of an outfit. I choose cotton outfits with no or less detailed neck designs. Collars make the neck area’s sensitivity worse, so if I wear something with a collar, I need to wear something softer underneath.

So keeping all these in mind, I put together this list of loungewear. They are comfortable, from different price ranges, and undoubtedly cute. Happy shopping!

Do you wear loungewear? Please share some of your favorite styles with us below!

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Loungewear for Women

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