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How You Can Practice Self-Care Routine

How You Can Practice Self-Care Routine When You Don’t Have Any Time to Spare

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Self-care is something that needs to be on everybody’s to-do list, even when you don’t think you have time for it, believe me, you do. It can be hard to fit in time to pamper yourself between work, friends, family, cleaning, and everything else that one’s life presents. But, self-care doesn’t need to take out half of your day, it can be something simple that will make you feel better and make your body more relaxed and healthy. There is nothing more important than taking out a bit of time out of your day to practice a self-care routine. 

Self-Care Routine:

“Make Sleep a Part of Your Self-care Routine” 

As we all know, sleep is something that has a great effect on us both mentally and physically. To avoid any health issues from occurring because of lack of sleep, make sleeping a part of your daily pampering routine. 
If you are not getting enough sleep you will need to fix your night routine. Think about all the factors that can affect your sleep, like what are you drinking and eating before bed, are you looking at your phone and TV. Get rid of all the habits that keep you awake. Another thing you can do is have blackout curtains that will help you stay asleep because it will keep any light from waking you up.

“Find your Special Zen Activity”

Don’t be fooled, self-care doesn’t have to look like what girls on Instagram show you. It doesn’t need to be anything luxurious and time-consuming, it can be as simple as finding your own Zen state and something that allows you to zone out for a bit. It can be something as mindless as watching a 10-minute YouTube video, taking a relaxing shower, or reading a couple of pages of your favorite book. 

How You Can Practice Self-Care Routine

“Do Quick Meditations”

Meditations don’t need to take up more than five minutes out of your day. But even that five-minute meditation can help you reduce stress and boost your emotional health and get you in a much better mood. As a plus, you can do it just about anywhere. Read the previous article on: How To Start Exercising If You’re Overweight

“Give Someone You Love a Call”

There is nothing that will put you in a better mood than talking to someone that you love. While you are working, if your job allows you, call someone who you know will lift your spirits instantly. There is nothing that will make you relaxed and happy than talking to a dear friend or family. 
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How You Can Practice Self-Care Routine

“Put on a Quick Face Mask”

A self-care routine can be elevated with a great spa edition. But contrary to popular beliefs, an at-home spa day can be something as simple as putting on a ten-minute face mask and doing household chores or watching a show. That way you are healing your skin as well as getting some downtime. Here are some great skincare products from Beekman 1802 that we love.

“Make a Quick Self-Care Kit”

To help out your future self, make yourself a quick self-care kit. Create something that you can carry wherever you go, and put things that you can use at any time that you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. You can add things like snacks, lotions, face masks, something scented that helps you relax.
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“Treat Yourself”

Treating yourself doesn’t need to take a whole day. It can be as simple as going to your beloved coffee shop, buying your favorite perfume, indulging yourself with some food, getting your nails done, or even getting eyelash extensions. Do things that will make you feel beautiful and relaxed. 

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“Always Drink More Water”

Staying hydrated throughout the day is a great way of self-care and boosts your body. This happens because even being mildly dehydrated will cause you to be irritable, stressed, and have issues focusing on your work. To make it more fun and more self-care-like, get yourself a nice water bottle that will make you want to drink water. Here are some practical yet cute options:

“Do Some Journaling”

Writing down your thoughts can make you calmer and find what’s bothering you actually, that is why journaling is an important part of self-care. Journaling will help you reduce stress and help you cope with negative and overwhelming feelings. All you need is a notebook, a pen and a few minutes. 

“Listen To Your Favorite Music and Sip Your Favorite Drink”

Music is therapeutic, but you don’t have to blast it or go to a concert for it to have its effects. Wherever you are, you can put on some relaxing or music that makes you feel the best and sip your favorite drink. Sound is known for lifting your mood, improving concentration, and decreasing head pain. Music and a cup of your favorite beverage is the perfect combination to make you feel happy and have some quality time with yourself. 

As with anything in life, self-care should be done in moderation. Ensure you are pacing yourself correctly and fueling your body throughout the day. Even the simplest self-care routine is good to do, as it will lift your spirits and make you feel relaxed. 

How do YOU practice self-care routine? Share with us below!

How You Can Practice Self-Care Routine
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