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pixi beauty RETINOL TONIC

Skincare on a Budget: Pixi Beauty Retinol Collection

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

I introduced my skin to retinol products almost 9 years ago. When I was living in Bangladesh, it was easier to get a prescription-strength Retin A from the drugstore, but here in the USA, it’s not that readily available and retinol products cost a lot! This is why I am always searching for products with retinol that is in more affordable in nature.

Last year around this time, I was using Murad Retinol products. They were indeed extremely good but as they are on the pricier side, I was looking for something that is more on the budget. Because one thing I am always asked from the audience, “Do you know something that is cheaper?” Well, price doesn’t always determine the efficiency of product, so it’s important to go through the trial and error phase till you find something suitable for your skin and wallet.

Pixi Beauty Retinol Collection:

I received Pixi Beauty Retinol collection from the brand as a PR package this year. It has been more than 2 months since I have been using products from this collection. Below you will find a bit more into each product, how do I use it, and which ones work best and where you can find them. Just a word of caution: My skin tolerates retinol pretty well, and the features of the products mentioned here are documented as they have interacted with my skin. It may or may not give the same result on your skin. So use with caution.

Pixi Beauty Retinol collection has:


I am also going to talk about JASMINE OIL BLEND, though it’s not a part of the retinol collection, I will mention later why I am adding this product with this collection.

  • Packaging: The Retinol collection has a lavender-purple color palette along with Pixi Beauty signature pistachio green. The containers are plastic and the oils are in glass containers. So if you want to travel with the oil, transfer them into a travel safe dark container.
  • Price: These products retail from $15-$29, you can find the individual prices under each product below.
  • Availability: You can find the products on: Ulta Beauty, Target, Amazon, Pixi Beauty.

pixi beauty Retinol collection
pixi retinol products


This is a cream-like cleanser that gently cleanses the skin. It’s good as an everyday cleanser, but I found that it was not that good as a cleanser for makeup removal. I just massage this thick cream cleanser on my skin, brush with my Foreo Luna, and wash off with warm water. I am not particularly a fan of its smell.
Overall for my skin, it’s an okay cleanser.

It retails for: $18 and You can find this product on: Ulta Beauty, Target, Amazon, Pixi Beauty.

pixi beauty Retinol Jasmine Cleanser


The retinol tonic has been creating a buzz in the beauty community after it launched this year. Not because of retinol in a toner is something new, but most of the retinol toner dries out the skin a lot. Like the other toner-sisters from Pixi Beauty, this toner is also gentle on the skin, doesn’t cause irritation, leaves skin smooth, and takes off any traces of makeup left.
I use this tonic right after I cleanse my face. I pat it into the face with a cotton pad and don’t wash it off.
This toner doesn’t do anything visible to your skin, but it “enhances the result” of your skincare steps like serum or moisturizer. Experts advise on not to pair this retinol toner with products that contain glycolic acid because combining these two ingredients can irritate the skin.
Overall, I like this toner and it has been good to my skin.

It comes in 2 sizes and retails for: $15 (100ML), $29 (250ML) and You can find this product on: Ulta Beauty, Target, Amazon, Pixi Beauty.

pixi beauty RETINOL TONIC


This is a medium-thick rich cream and you will need 2-3 small dots (shown below) to cover your undereye and around the eye area. I accidentally applied a little too much at the beginning and it irritated my eyes. So from then on, I just stick to 2-3 dots. I have found that this cream smooths out my eye area and diminishes the appearances of the fine lines by providing moisture.
I use my eye cream after using a toner around my eyes and around my mouth. It helps with the fine lines in both areas.
Overall, I like this eye cream and I use it regularly.
Find more eye creams on my previous post: 6 Eye Creams You Will Need If You Are In Your 30s.

It retails for: $22 and You can find this product on: Ulta Beauty, Target, Amazon, Pixi Beauty.

pixi beauty RETINOL eye cream


This is a thick creamy moisturizer and if you are living in hot and humid weather, I will suggest using it on colder days or when you feel like your skin is feeling extra dry. I either use this lotion or the oils for my skincare routine, as we have hot summer weather here.
Overall, it’s not irritating or drying, rather very moisturizing.

It retails for: $24 and You can find this product on: Ulta Beauty, Target, Amazon, Pixi Beauty.



The Overnight Retinol Oil is probably the best product in this collection. This oil is lightweight, smells delightful, absorbs beautifully. It’s not one of those oils that sit on the skin or feel sticky, rather it just glides on the skin. I also found that if you are using a Jade face roller, use this oil as the lubricating medium. At night I will take 2-3 drops of oil, warm it on my palms and gently pat it my pressing motion on my skin. My skin feels softer, smoother and looks healthier the next morning.

The Jasmine Oil Blend is another great product that helps skin recover from the loss of moisture and dullness. It helps repair damage as well as calm and restore stressed and unbalanced skin. When you are using Retinol products, your skin is bound to get sensitive and comparatively drier than usual. So when and if you overdo with Retinol products, use this The Jasmine Oil Blend to calm your skin and provide moisture. I use it in the morning.

Both oils retail for: $24 and You can find these on: Ulta Beauty, Target, Amazon, Pixi Beauty.

pixi beauty RETINOL TONIC

In A Nutshell:

If you are in a budget or a beginner retinol-user, I would suggest to start out with this Pixi Beauty Retinol collection.

Have you tried any products from Pixi Beauty Retinol collection yet? How was your experience? Share in a comment below!

Pixi Beauty Retinol Collection

**The items featured in this post were provided by the brand for review. This does not affect my opinion of the item.**

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