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ATTYYA: A New Beauty Brand Launches

ATTYYA: A New Beauty Brand Launches

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Press Release– ATTYYA, a new cosmetics, skincare, and personal care products company headquartered in Douglasville, GA is launching on June 20, 2020. The company offers high-
quality fine fragrances, cruelty-free makeup, scented soy candles, room deodorizers, and skincare for women and men. In addition to the skincare and personal care product lines, the company also offers classic Swiss-made timepieces. These timepieces offer both luxury and opulence.

“I am ecstatic at the launch of ATTYYA,” said Attyya Guiles, the founder of ATTYYA. Since first dreaming about this company, this has been a labor of love.
“ATTYYA is more than a company, more than products, it a sense of elegance, grace, and sophistication in each of the products that we offer,” continued Guiles. People will sense this with each of the product offerings that was developed with a personal touch that will connect with customers.

Available online, ATTYYA will bring beauty and confidence to both women and men. The ATTYYA brand prides itself on its commitment to diversity, inclusivity, individualism, and expressionism. The company desires to help women and men be their most confident and beautiful without having to fit themselves in traditional definitions of beauty and provide luxury-level quality at a price that suits their budget. From bold and dramatic, to subtle and daring, ATTYYA has products for everyone that will accommodate all budgets.

The company will introduce a number of brands. Their first brand is Logan La Belle Lashes.

The company’s founder, Attyya Guiles is a former educator. She believes in celebrating the beauty and diversity of others and educating others about the importance of seeing their own individual beauty. Products can be found on the company’s website on June 20th at www.attyyalimitedco.com. You can also follow them on Instagram.

ATTYYA: A New Beauty Brand Launches

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